Running the Day after An Ice Storm – 1/28/12

Today’s running bloglog entry. This post is part of my daily public running log and may not be of general interest. Read on if you like, sometimes there are some interesting observations about running, that come out in these logs.

The day after the yet another bout of freezing rain! I hate freezing rain, there isn’t a lot that can be said that is good about it, except the next morning when the sun comes out it is pretty, with all the sparkling going on. But it totally sucks when you try to run on it.

I was scheduled to go longer yesterday, but decided to take a rest day instead, it was a good thing. I have feeling that I needed the rest, more than a long run on ice. :-).

Today, I thought that I would do 5 or 6 down back, when I got to the dirt road – it was pretty bad, not bad enough to not run on it, but pretty damn close. So I did a mile each way of ice running at about 12:00 minute pace, I would not have wanted to run faster than that, it was that bad.

Once I got through that icy section, I focused on my cadence and form. I noticed that on the tar my running has gotten a lot quieter than it was. The cadence does seem to make a difference. I still gotta work on the froward lean and pulling my leg to the back.

When I got to Notta Rd, I looked down at my iPhone and the damn Nike+ had paused at some point during the run, so I said screw-it and just turned around. I won’t be using the Nike+ app again any time soon, that is the third time in the last couple of weeks that it just stopped on me.

After turning around turned on the cadence app and started running to that. It seemed pretty quick today, but I was managing to keep up with it pretty well. After the run was over when I looked at it, I had somehow slid it up to 204 beats per minute, so I was clipping right along, but didn’t feel all that bad to me, but I wasn’t going THAT  fast, just faster leg turnover.

I wore the Tommie Copper knee and calf sleeves, just to see how they felt while running. The good part was after I got going I didn’t really notice that I had them on, which is how it should be. I am not sure how much they helped, but at the end my knee wasn’t complaining and the calves didn’t bark at me nearly as much, so they seemed to help.

I am writing this RunLog post a couple of hours later and noticed that I don’t have the calf tightness that I did the last time I ran with the metronome and my knee didn’t ache after the run??? Is the Tommie Copper stuff doing its magical thing – I really don’t know, but there seems to be a difference.

During this run, I also tried a different something else that I just got in the mail this morning and all I can say is WOW! It worked as advertised and then some, expect a review of this next week sometime – I was very impressed and definitely noticed a difference.

Quality of the Run: Very good
Time of Run: 2:40 P.M.
Temp: 42F
Weather: Partly sunny and temp dropping fast

Janathon Day #28 Yep I have done something at least a 1/2 hour every day this month 🙂 even on my rest days.

Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners

Running figure

Over at “A Sabbatical, of Sorts” he talks about waving or at least acknowledging other runners when they go by.

Here is a link to his post:

Wave to fellow runners « A Sabbatical, of Sorts.


I Agee

You know something I agree with him. When going towards other runners and it is appropriate, I have always tended to give a little wave and a smile.  I don’t do it to “come-on” to the ladies or anything else – I am simply acknowledging the existence of another runner.

If another runner is coming towards me and waves and I haven’t waved yet for some reason or other, I try to wave back or least give at least a grimace to show that I saw them wave at me.

To my way of thinking – either responding to a wave or initiating a wave – I am just being courteous to another runner.

Sometime we might even say “Hi”.

It Doesn’t Hurt

It doesn’t hurt to wave back to other runners. You are not taking any of your time or much of your energy. I can understand being “zoned out” once in a while excuse, but to purposely not acknowledge another runner’s simple act of courtesy to you when it is appropriate, with a least a little wave back, is being rude to your fellow runner.

This even goes for some of those runners who sometimes seem to be going about the same speed as a low flying plane and seem to be so focused on their form and workout that they don’t care about anything else.  When those guys and gals go by I don’t expect a high-five or a knuckle-bump, but a quick wave goes a long way the first time they go by – after that I don’t expect anything.

By the way I do know you see us, I used to run with faster runners every once in a while (a long time ago) and I know what you see if you choose to. So be courteous too.

Use some common sense and the taking into account the time and place when  waving, don’t expect it every circumstance.

Are there limits?

That doesn’t mean if you are across a 4 lane highway, that I will always see you and wave back or if you are in the middle of the park or on a course where there are 50 bazillion other runners that I am not going to wave to them all (example: if I am running Back Bay in Portland during the daytime I don’t bother waving at the other runners who go by, but if it was early morning I probably would).

If I was doing a technical part of a trail I probably would grunt as someone went by and if I was getting across a busy street, I would be focusing on avoiding being run over, not waving.

It also might be different if you know the person coming at you and you don’t like them, fine don’t wave back at them and keep what ever feud you have going, going.

Courtesy is Courtesy

I don’t really care if you live or run in a big city, small town or on a country lane, courtesy is courtesy and there isn’t the need to be purposely rude, especially to a fellow runner.

Decline of Manners

I am not going to get into the decline of manners, courtesy or rudeness that people have towards each other that I have seen almost every time I leave the house and go to public places. No that decline has been well documented in too many other places. Seeing that decline, it doesn’t surprise me that it is finding its way into the running world as well.

Jeep Wave

Hell when I owned my “real” Jeeps, we always waved to each other, when we passed each other on the road. I didn’t know hardly any of those other people in their Jeeps, I waved to them simply because they were driving a Jeep.  I know that motorcyclist and snowmobilers do it too, so if they can do that simple act of courtesy, why can’t runners.

Take a Moment

We have a choice, we can just each go into our own little shell and not acknowledge the people around us and blithely go on our merry way down the road or maybe, just maybe take a moment of our time and wave back to someone who is only trying to acknowledge another runner.

Perhaps some of you can give me reasons why you shouldn’t wave back to another runner other than the reasons I have given. I would like to hear the reasons why you do or don’t wave to acknowledge other runners and other times it wouldn’t be appropriate to wave to other runners.

Unless someone gives me some more reasons not to wave to other runners, I do not believe it asking too much, to simply acknowledge another runner, as you go by with a simple wave or even a thumbs-up – even a little smile if you are in a good space. Hell a quick Hi if you know them a bit.

Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions

Well I got my Tommie Copper package in the mail yesterday!

I was talking to Jen of Running With The Girls and Carrie from Maine Mom on the Run about my knee and how it was bothering me, when I met them at the January Thaw Race a couple of weeks ago. Jen had on a Tommie Copper hat and I asked her how she like the product. They talked about their experiences with the Tommie Copper knee sleeves and how Jen’s husband really thought it helped with his knee.

I figured with that kind of recommendation and after looking at the Tommie Copper website that I really needed to try some of their products and see if they worked for me or not.

A little background

I am 54 and have had a lot of mileage on my legs from running. basketball and other sports and have all those aches and pains you get as you get older, while trying to stay active. Also I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee last May and while it has come a long way, it still bothers me a bit and I am always looking for something to help it be better.

Since I have started changing my running style (a lot) and increasing my mileage my calves have been really barking at me, so I was hopeful that Tommie Copper products would be at least part of the solution to my issues with my calves and my knee.

What did I get?

I got (links are to the Tommie Copper product website).

two medium knee sleeves

two large calf sleeves .

and a hat

How did they look coming out of the package?

Quality of Product:

I looked the sleeves over closely and the seams were all straight, no obvious flaws in workmanship, they were well constructed. I did notice that although the while calf sleeves were both large, one was longer than the other – not a big deal, but it was noticeable.


The large calf sleeves fit perfectly, however the medium knee sleeves were a little tighter than I usually like, (I was at the higher end of medium measurement and probably should have gotten a large), but I imagine that after wearing a while that they will loosen up. The hat fit, well like a winter hat :-).

Initial Wearing

I wore them most of the evening and then wore them to bed. At about 2:30 this morning and I just had to take them off.  I just wasn’t used to having anything on my legs while sleeping, as I get more used to them, that feeling will go away.

Any difference

Did I notice anything different while wearing them? No not really, my legs felt a little warmer than usual, but other than having an extra layer on my legs – I didn’t feel the earth move or anything like that.

However, this morning TheWife’s unsolicited comment. “What’s up with you, your feet were actually warm last night!” I have always had cold feet and hands and unfortunately, for her, part of sleeping with me is that my feet often end up touching her legs, which usually makes her jump and bark at me to move my damn cold feet off her warm body.

I don’t know if it was the Tommie Copper sleeves or not, but let’s just say, I have never heard TheWife say this about my feet and wearing the sleeves was the only thing I did differently yesterday.

Tried reversing

Another thing is that I could tell the difference between having the calf sleeve over my knee, I purposely tried reversing the knee and calf sleeves for a while this morning and there is a difference in how they fit. So I will be using them for their designed areas.

The reality is that

my first impression of the Tommie Copper knee and calf sleeves is that they are well-made and are a quality product. Do they work as advertised on the website or brochures, I don’t know yet. I plan to wear test them for a while to see how they help my knees and calves. I also want to see how they hold up to the wear and tear of daily use.

More than just one

I will give an interim review sometime the middle of February and then a wrap-up the first part of March. I prefer to review a product 2-3 times over a longer time frame to get a good feeling for how something works for a while and beyond my first impression.

My first impression of workmanship, quality and fit of the Tommie Copper compression sleeves is very good, now to see if works as advertised.

FTC Disclaimer – I was provided these products free of charge to review them on my blog and received no other forms of compensation to do this review. My opinions about this product will be my honest observations, based upon my experience while I am using this product.