AVR Week In Review – 1/29/12

The big news of the week was that I moved “A Veteran Runnah” from Blogger to WordPress.com, after thinking about it last weekend, I decided to just do it. The reasons are here and how it went are here.  I still have to update and edit just under a hundred posts, but I plan to get that done this week :-).

Below is the un-cropped photo that I used in my header.  YES believe it or not it is a picture of me, in shorts, in January. I don’t ever remember doing that in Maine.

Other than that it has been a very quiet week. Oh I did learn that I am going to be a grandpa for the 4th time only this one is a girl – that is pretty damn exciting! Gotta get out to Minnesota this summer somehow :-).

Running This Week

Three things Running

  • Ran in the Second Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K Race
  • Ran over 25.0 miles this week!
  • Learned about the Perfect Cadence iPhone App

If you read my blog entry about this race you know that I got frustrated when I got 2.7 miles in and found out that the app hadn’t started. It seems that I have a lot of problems with iPhone apps not working correctly, most likely because I have an old iPhone 3G and don’t have phone service to it. I just use it as a iTouch.

Getting back to the race, I was on pace to break 8:00 minutes for the first time this year and when I looked at that, it just deflated me. Oh well, I am pretty sure I can do it in a real 5K, just have to focus on what I need to do instead of frigging around with technology :-).

I got over 25 miles for the second week in a row! I had a good 8.0 mile run and some other nice runs this week It shows a consistency in my running and that is what I am trying for, probably the second week of February I will purposely go back down to around 20 miles, then bounce up to 30, just as a change of pace week.

Twitter how I love thee, someone on Twitter talked about the Perfect Cadence app for the iPhone and after reading book about how having the proper cadence can help your form and run faster, I wanted to try it. Basically it is a metronome and ticks the pace your feet are supposed to touch the ground. You can read here about the rest of my thoughts on increasing your cadence.

Racing Schedule

I still haven’t gotten around to figuring out a racing schedule yet, the blog change-over got in the way, but I plan to work on this as soon as I get the rest of the posts edited. 🙂

Long Term Goal

I know that my long-term goal is still to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. I finished the 1983 Marathon and to run Marine Corps again 30 years later would be very cool. So this is one of the major goals that I have in mind for my running and it would be even more fantastic if I could qualify for Boston that same day. Therefore, I am doing a 2 year work-up to the Marathon distance, just to see if my knee will hold up.

This week in a word: Change



I have bounced between 165-168 all week – 165 is the lowest I have been since 2001 – now to keep it under there!!!!  I am very comfortable with the progress and know that I am going in the right direction. As the weather starts to get warmer, the weight will come off easier. The best part is that I am not really changing how I am eating, just eating a little less on the portions, drinking more liquid and trying for my “greens” once a day.



Everything is feeling pretty good. The knee is not bothering too much and my lower back is better. As I have increased my mileage, my usual Right Hip Flexor discomfort still bothers a little.  I have to start doing more self-massage, exercises and preventative maintenance.

I also got knee and calf sleeves from Tommie Copper, see my initial review and am trying those out to see if they help or not, I really hope that they do!.


I am almost up to 250 miles on my Saucony Peregrines and they still really impress me. I am trying to set up a rotation schedule with my old Brooks Ravenna, but they seem to bother my lower calves more when I run in them, so we will see how that goes. I know that I am going to have to start looking at what I will get for shoe in a month or so. That is just part of the deal, runners go through shoes.

Blog Posts

Below are my posts from last week:

  1. Switching to WordPress.com
  2. 8 More Miles Run & Day 23 Janathon
  3. Why Run a Marathon?
  4. Running in Shorts on January 24th = WOW!
  5. Wordless Wednesday
  6. Running Past 50 – Book Review
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  8. Answering 20 Questions About Me
  9. TweetCloud – What have you been saying?
  10. Trying Out Cadence App – 1/26/12
  11. Today’s Snow/Freezing Rain Photos 1-27-12
  12. Does a Faster Cadence Help?
  13. Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions
  14. Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners
  15. Running the Day after An Ice Storm – 1/28/12
  16. How Did the Move to WordPress.com Go?
  17. Freeze Your Thorns Off – 5K Recap

Top 10


Here are my top ten posts for the past week based on pageviews:
  1. Why Run a Marathon?
  2. Does a Faster Cadence Help?
  3. Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners
  4. Switching to WordPress.com
  5. Answering 20 Questions About Me
  6. Today’s Snow/Freezing Rain Photos 1-27-12
  7. Running the Day after An Ice Storm – 1/28/12
  8. How Did the Move to WordPress.com Go?
  9. Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions
  10. Hill/Speed Workout = Sucking Wind

My Favorite post from last week

Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners  in which I talk about a post that I read and agreed that runners should be more courteous to one another. I am a bit old-fashioned about this subject. 🙂

The reality is that

It was a busy week and moving “A Veteran Runnah” to WordPress.com really made it an even busier week. I do know that it was the right thing to do and once I get those posts updated and edited, I will feel better. I am very happy with how my running is going and I am even starting to get to review a few products here and there.

Reviewing products is something that I enjoy doing and put a lot of thought and effort into my wear tests. If you do have a product you want reviewed, please contact me using the Contact via Email Widget in the Sidebar or on Twitter @VetRunnah and we can discuss whether I am a fit to review your product or not.

Thank You again for your support and reading posts from “A Veteran Runnah”.

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