Freeze Your Thorns Off – 5K Recap

Like a more than few others, I decided to run in the Second Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off – 5K. This is a virtual race put on by The Boring Runner. You could run Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  I had GPS issues yesterday, so I didn’t get a 5K time on my run, so I ended up doing it today.

The cadence training is paying some dividends, I am going faster, without feeling like somebody is whooping on me with a big stick!! That is a good thing :-). I planned on doing 3 Laps on Philbrick which is 2.7 miles and then run the flats until I hit 3.1, at least that was the plan.

I was feeling really good through my 3 laps, I started out slower and then continued to pick up the pace a little each lap and felt strong for the last .4 tenths. I had gone through 2.7  in 21:29. When I took my iPhone out of my pocket, it hadn’t started, I deflated right there!

I really wanted to have the proof of my 3.1 finish and time – oh well it shot that plan to hell in a hand basket. So plugged along through what was really a 3.3 mile course and called it good. I ran some extra earlier to finish the 5K on the flats oh well. It was still a strong run and I was happy with it.

I do know that when I am running in a “live” race, the iPhone & its GPS crap and all the problems I have with it, will stay at home and I will just start my watch, run hard, then stop it at the end :-).  A lot fewer worries that way.

On a GREAT note – I do think that I found the answer to my chafing problem and will be writing about it this coming week 🙂 — all I can say is finally!

I do like the virtual races, but no they don’t take the place of a real race, now I just have to figure out what my next “live” race is going to be

Quality of Run: Very Good except for that little let down, when I noticed the GPS program didn’t work
Time of Run: 11:45 AM.
Temp 36F
Weather: Bright sunshine 15mph winds fm NW

Day 29 of #Janathon 🙂

3 thoughts on “Freeze Your Thorns Off – 5K Recap

    1. Unfortunately, I have an old 3G (a no service phone) and can’t do that, I just have to use my watch as back up :-). It was just frustrating, because I had probably the best run of the year so far – oh well next time. Thanks for the encouragement! I have been playing with a couple of apps and just have to pick one to actually use and get used to.

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