Welcome to A Veteran Runnah

Running has been one of my passions for many years. It has helped me through some very tough times, is part of some fantastic memories and allowed me to meet people, who I never would have met otherwise.

Fortunately, I have been around long enough to be considered a veteran runner (age group) – one of the joys of being an old fart.  Also I served 21 years in the Coast Guard and am that kind of veteran too.

Ayuh – I am from Maine and instead of “er” we often say “ah” thus the term Runnah.

Hence the blog’s name “A Veteran Runnah”.

Just because I wear a Coast Guard t-shirt in many of my photos, does not mean any endorsement by the Coast Guard for anything that I do or say. Just wanted to make sure that disclaimer is in here to keep the legal beagles happy.  😉

The politically correct term for someone from Maine is a Mainer, a term I dislike and instead consider myself a “Maineiac”. There is a difference and we can sit down over a good brew of something to talk it ovah.

There have been great days, bad days, injuries and the like, but running has been the one mostly positive constant in an “interesting” life. It is something that I have done pretty much when I wanted until February 2010 when I injured my right knee. I wasn’t able to start running again until after surgery in May 2011.

During that period when I couldn’t run, I found out how much running really means to me – more than most people will ever know. I was told by the doctors before the surgery last May, that I would probably not ever run again .

Guess what!

I am now running 13 mile long runs, 30-40 miles a week and loving it! The best part is that I am mostly pain-free. However, that getting older thing does have a habit of smacking me upside of the head every once in a while, when one of those old injuries or thinking that I am still 20 gets me in trouble. 😉

What can you expect from Veteran Runnah?

I will writing about:

  • running of course
  • irreverent looks at running and things we don’t see the same as other people
  • a bit of humor (hopefully) – aimed mostly at myself when I do something dumb or stupid
  • how I am doing coming back to running
  • what I learn along the way.
  • interesting people who I meet.
  • using social media to take part in the online running community
  • making trail running a regular part of my running routine.
  • reflections on different parts of my running career, both the highlights and the lowlights.
  • involvement in the running club I joined.
  • reviews on different shoes, clothing, techie stuff and other gear that I use when I am running or cross-training.
  • using “A Veteran Runnah” as my daily running log.

The reality is that

I still love to run and plan to run for the rest of my life.

I hope that you enjoy reading “A Veteran Runnah” as much as I enjoy writing “heah”.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to A Veteran Runnah

    1. I had been told that I might be waking up to a new knee, so I was really worried and relieved at that news. It will interesting to follow each other’s progress 🙂

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