For Guys Only – Ladies You Won’t Be Interested

Sorry ladies this post will be about as interesting to you, as your posts about bras, panties, capris or make-up are to me :-).

However, if your guy has problems with chafing – read on.

Also don’t plan on me modeling this product on my blog, I definitely am not a male model and I don’t believe too many people are interested in seeing this old fart in some underwear – it would not be a pretty site, besides I am rather modest ;-).

Last week I was complaining about my compression shorts chafing me, after my long run in my RunLog blog post, last Monday, which I linked in my DailyMile entry and I got this Tweet.

Skeptical at first

Now I had seen Ruez underwear being talked about on Twitter before and had even gone to the website to see what people were talking about. When I saw the product I just thought the product was a hoot and only a gimmick to make your “junk” look bigger and more appealing to whoever you were trying to impress.  I didn’t really give it a second thought.

However, after reading Chris’ tweet, I looked at the product review closer and saw it wasn’t a joke and that it was supposed to help guys with chafing issues. Which is a pretty serious problem for many of us guys. Chafing while I run and hike has always been a huge problem for me (ranging from painful to a bloody mess) and I don’t like using creams or vaseline type products down there — they are just usually too messy, many of these products also have ingredients that I prefer not use on my body or just plain don’t work.

I was getting fairly desperate to find a solution, because chafing is a pain in the ass and other places, which definitely affects how us guys enjoy running and other activities.

Why not take Chris up on his offer and try a pair. What did I have to lose everything else that I had tried hadn’t worked and so I agreed to try a pair of Ruez Performance Pouch Boxer Underwear out.

First Impression

I got them in the mail on Saturday and when I opened up the wrapper, I showed them to my wife and she laughed at them and said “Those are too short, they will never work and you have to put what into that hole – there were lots of shall we say, off-color, bordering on rather crude comments about that! 🙂

At that point I tended to agree with her. I looked the underwear over and yes the workmanship was well done, seams were straight and the material felt good. But the “pouch” area for your junk, just seemed a little overdone.

Changing my mind

However, when I tried them on, I immediately found out how comfortable  they were. Believe it or not guys like soft too, especially for underwear (at least this one does). I am not into having sandpaper cloth against my stuff thank you.

The cut is such that my legs did not rub together, which surprised me, because they looked too short when I first looked at them. When I put them on they were damn comfortable and rather flattering – hehehee. I figured I might as well try them on my 5.0 miler and see if they would chafe or not – the worst that could happen would be I would cut my run short and change into my old compression shorts.

I didn’t have to!

Once I got them on, situated and I got over laughing with my wife about how I had to put my stuff through the hole in the underwear pouch, they were actually quite comfortable.

When I started running in them, I was pleasantly surprised – no chafing, my stuff stayed in place (usually I am grabbing at my compression gear and re-arranging things because they are uncomfortable or shift) and my thighs didn’t get that rub rash that I get when I don’t protect them correctly. I was definitely able to focus more on running, than getting myself comfortable down there. At no time during the 5.0 mile did I feel uncomfortable or feel like anything was chafing.

This was the first long run in a long time, that I didn’t have problems with chafing – so I was impressed.

Sunday, I did a fast for me 3.2 mile run and again – no problems.

Monday I ran over 8.0 miles and this is usually the distance when my compression shorts start to chafe down there and really bother me during the run and after. I tend to get rub rashes from the material in my nether regions after about 6.0 miles. Today I ran comfortably and didn’t think about my stuff or chafing, I just ran. Which is what I want to do – just run without worrying about chafing or continually rearranging things in the nether regions.

They Work

I am not easily impressed by clothing, especially underwear, it is simply something I wear to keep my stuff in place and some other reasons that we all know about, but don’t admit to (male or female). However, I am very impressed so far with the Performance Pouch Underwear from Ruez!

This is one of those times that, I am going to go out on a limb and after only wearing something for such a short time. From this short wear-test, I have a feeling that the Ruez underwear are part of the solution to my chafing problem.

The reality is that

I was skeptical, when I first saw the ads for Ruez Performance Underwear and how they worked I laughed about them. Hell when I first saw them in my hands looking at them I was still skeptical. However, I am not skeptical anymore and the only question I have now, is not how they work to stop my chafing, but how long will they last. They are a quality product, but even quality will only last so long, when you use it a lot.

They definitely will be my go-to undergarment for my long runs! Gotta save those babies for when I really need them, until there are some more pairs in my dresser drawers.

Now that I have worn them running a few times, I am plotting about how I can con get my family to buy me some more. I think I will hint around for some on Father’s Day :-). These will probably be pretty well-worn out by then.

The Performance Pouch Underwear are not cheap at $30.00 a pair, but that is right in line with the price or cheaper than I have paid for compression shorts that don’t work nearly as well.

These are simply something that you actually have to wear and use. The pictures and descriptions do not, let you appreciate how well they actually do work in the real world.

To answer the other question that someone will ask. Yes, they are comfortable for wearing besides for running and they do “enhance” how your bulge looks if that is something you want. Personally I could care less about that, but it might be important to those of you who want to impress somebody ;-).

FTC Disclaimer – I was provided these products free of charge to review them on my blog and received no other forms of compensation to do this review. My opinions about this product are my honest observations, based upon my experience while I am using this product.

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