Joey’s World, Chapter Two, For Love of Joey

You may remember Joey, the chosen one, from my earlier post describing how Joey came to be a part of our household.

Joey knows that he is the chosen one.

He is the only cat able to launch himself up to the top of the cupboards to sleep. Joey is the only cat able to jump onto the stackable washer/dryer to perch in the laundry basket up top.  He is the only cat that waits for the dryer door to open so he can bask in the warmth and comfort of the just-tumbled clothes.

Sneaking In the Closet

Joey is also the only cat that sneaks into our closet to eat the dry cat food.  The other cats will run the other way when we open the closet door.  Not Joey.  When he hears the closet door, he comes running.  If we are in a hurry, we don’t always notice when he slips inside.  Joey has spent a couple hours in that closet more than once.

Just this weekend, Joey’s brother, Domino (the tuxedo cat on the left above), kept going to the closet door.  I scolded him and thought his behavior odd.  I finally opened the door to find that Joey had been in the closet for hours.  He ate a big hole in the cat food bag.  I didn’t find a shred of paper anywhere from that hole.  He must have eaten the paper.  I have no clue how much food he ate, but he ran for the cat box as soon as I opened the door!

Cat-Proof Latches

We are probably one of the few households with childproof latches on our kitchen cupboards because of cats and not children.  For some strange reason that only a cat would understand, our cats want to go under the kitchen sink to ‘nest’.  While under the sink, the cats do other things that I am not too happy about.  Hence, we installed latches!

Because we now had latches, I began to store the pet treats under the sink.  I thought I was being smart, but Joey again showed his cleverness.  The latches will allow the door to open a couple inches.  Joey manages to open the door just enough to grab things.  One day he grabbed the soft dog treats and hauled them out.  Joey ate a hole through the plastic bag and ate all the treats.  The bag had been more than half full.

How does he survive?

Sometimes I am amazed that Joey has survived all this!  The treats are treats for a reason.  If we ate an entire box of chocolates, I don’t think we would feel very good.  Joey must be working on life number eight and three quarters of his nine lives!!

Once again I had to make an adjustment for my oh so clever cat.  I had to go out and get some sturdy Tupperware boxes to store the treats.  At least when Joey hauls one of the boxes out of the cupboard now, he isn’t able to eat anything.

The things we do for our pets!

Night and Morning Routine

Every night when Harold and I go to bed, we make sure that all the cats are on the other side of the bedroom door for the night.  We have learned this the hard way.  Many a night we have been awakened at an ungodly hour by one of the cats either scratching at the door to get out or howling to join the others.  If they are on the other side, they are content.  Or, I should say, they are content until it is morning.

Every morning when Harold and I wake up is a ritual for the two boys, Dommie and Joey.  As soon as Domino hears us talking, he rattles the bedroom door and meows.  This behavior escalates with Domino removing the door strip and hauling the small bedroom area rug out from under the door and into the living room.  Then we hear Joey.

Joey has his own routine.  He jumps up on the mantle over the fireplace.  I will hear him knocking over the family photos and other mantle trinkets.  He goes to the end of the mantle closest to our bedroom door.  He scratches at the painting hanging on the wall.  The painting is an original done by one of Harold’s ancestors.  It is of a nineteenth century farming area.  Joey thinks that if he attacks the painting, he might find a way into our bedroom.

I keep thinking that some morning, Harold and I will wake up and find Joey gone.  We will turn to look at the painting and find a black cat in the farmyard!

The reality is that

Joey may be a rascal, but he is a loving rascal.

Every time I drive into the yard from the grocery store or errands, I will glance at the bedroom window.  I will see Joey’s golden eyes peering out at me, welcoming me home.

Joey is always there waiting for me.

I can’t imagine how dull life would be without Joey.

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