Running 8.0 Miles In Waterville, Maine

This morning we walked down back with Bennie and I have to go this way for my long run, however, conditions down there were too bad, even for me to run through there.

Then we tried to go the other direction

This was the other direction, not any better!

It wasn’t any better, if anything a little worse. We talked it over and decided it would be better for me to go run in town. Now I don’t really like running in Waterville during the week – too much traffic for me, but today I knew that it was going to be a lot safer than trying the Rail-Trail in Augusta or going down back here at home.  So I went in and parked at Shaw’s Supermarket (gotta love the name-wish I was related) and got ready for my run.

As you can see by the screen shot of the map it covered a lot of the ground around Waterville.

Some of the sidewalks were not in the best shape a lot of ice in some places, so I tried to stay on the wider main roads, which meant dealing with more traffic. No the traffic is not like running in a big city, but it is a lot more busy than my country roads. The wind tunnel in front of the Alfond Center was pretty tough and then the hill going into Colby almost got me, but I made it to the top. I never went very fast, but just maintained a nice steady pace, most of the way.

I drove back over the course and took some pictures with my iPhone 3G, so I apologize about the quality ahead of time.

It was really just a good comfortable run that felt good. However, I don’t plan to do it very often, I am not a big fan of running with so much traffic.

I did weigh myself after the run was over came in at 163 W00Hoo. Haven’t weighed that since November 2000. This is how I used to always weigh myself, right after a run – now I usually do it first thing in the morning. Almost seemed like cheating 😉 – almost.

Quality of Run: Very good LSD run
Time of Run: 11:45 A.M.
Temp:  Car said 25F — Fred’s Coffee said 34F – It felt more like 25 definitely.
Weather: Sunshine and winds 15-20 mph out of N

Day 30 of Janathon 🙂

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