It’s Snowing Yet Again – 1-31-12

It is snowing yet again, not enough to have fun in, just that steady flurry activity that gives you about 2 inches of snow over the course of a whole day. It is just enough to make it slippery to run on, even with trail shoes, but not really enough to wear the SoleSpikes. So I just wore my Peregrines.

Run 1-31-12 Looking towards hill

Run 1-31-12 Looking towards house

The footing was such that I really had to work on lifting my foot instead of pushing off with my toes. Otherwise I would slip and lose momentum, so it was good practice for that part of ChiRunning. I tried to keep up a good cadence, but the slipping and sliding made it difficult. So I just ran pretty slowly and enjoyed being outdoors.

I have used the Adidas MiCoach iPhone app for the past couple of days and it seems to work pretty well for me. I still don’t know how accurate the iPhone GPS apps are, when I use them the readings are consistently .2 to .3 short. I am going through of my courses and reset the mileage from here on out to match the GPS miles. It is better to be used to running longer miles than it is to be running short ones and thinking you are running faster than you really are.

Quality of Run: Good recovery run after yesterday’s long run
Time of Run: 2:30 P.M.
Temp: 29F
Weather: light snow about 1 inch on ground, snow plow had gone through recently

Day 31 of Janathon: I completed the activity levels every day this month. It was actually pretty easy to accomplish, between walking the dog and returning to running.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Snowing Yet Again – 1-31-12

    1. Sometimes it is easier to just do the wristwatch and call it good :-), but I am a bit geeky and like some of the tech toys when I can afford them. I agree with you on the snow/ice novelty wore off in November, but it is just a fact of life in Maine and you just have to suck it up until sometime in April when the last snow usually comes. I am hoping this year that Spring comes early in March and the snow goes away early March 😉

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