Running Through Colby Again – 8.25 Miles Total

I like Mondays for my long runs, it is just a good way to start the week off, so I went into Waterville to run the 8+ loop through Colby this morning. I definitely needed the run, because my Mac had crashed – hard and nothing I was doing was fixing it. So I was just a little frustrated when I left.

The run itself was really great!!!! I felt strong all the way through and took almost 5:00 minutes off my time. The footing was a lot better, but down on Silver St, still couldn’t run on the sidewalks and was on the wrong side of the road, so had a few cars zip by rather close – which I don’t like. Part of running in town I guess.

I also went the other way this time as you can see by the chart below, there are still some hills in this course

The worst one was this one, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I was out of gas by the time I got to it and it just sucked whatever I had left out of me.

2-6-12 Waterville 8.0 Miler

When I hit the turn at the drug store, I really thought about adding a couple onto the run, but with small hills that I would have to go up, I didn’t think I was quite ready yet. Besides my left quad was barking at me a bit, so I decided to tackle the hill. I really think it would   have been easier to go do the extra 2.0 miles than go up the hill. Maybe next time 🙂

Overall I was very pleased with the run today, I felt good throughout and while I didn’t push hard during it, I did have a couple of spots where I tried to go a little faster. The discrepancy between my time and MiCoach’s time is because I can shut my watch off quicker than I can turn off the timer on MiCoach. It is a pain in the ass to shut off and will cause me to look for another app pretty soon. It is frustrating to finish and take 20 or more seconds to get your timer shut off – VENTING. I still like the simple display and graphs/overlays which are the best of all the apps and that is the primary reasons why I keep using it.

Temp: 38º when I went by Fred’s Coffee
Weather: Clear and warming – felt good

Yes I got the Mac running correctly again, had to wipe the disk and start over from scratch, so I am busy re-loading stuff. Which just a pain in the butt, but not nearly as bad as it used to be before I had most everything in the cloud. 🙂