Running Away from The Winter Blahs

We are entering that time of year known up “heah” as The Winter Blahs. It is a combination of being tired of winter, being cooped up inside, not getting enough warmth or sun and knowing that we still have 4-8 weeks before the weather really breaks.

The experts talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) or Vitamin D deficiency  and give fancy labels for things that have been negatively affecting people in snow/cold parts of the world probably since “We” have been around.

I really think that my Great-grandmother Bertha’s definition for this time of year was more accurate than many of the expert’s labels. She called this time of year “The Winter Blahs”.

Winter Blahs

So what do The Winter Blahs has to do with runners?  A lot!

It seems that we need to be out in direct sunlight, otherwise we get waylaid by those ” new” winter maladies or as Grammie Bertha called them “The Winter Blahs”, when we go into hibernation mode to avoid winter weather.

Luckily most runners get outside more than the typical person during the winter (except those dark-time or treadmill runners), so we tend to get more sunshine than many do. So those maladies may affect us outside winter runners a bit less. However, I have to wonder when we are all bundled up if we are actually getting all that much more of the sun’s “healing” rays?

Still from what I see on social media sites and how I am starting to feel myself – we runners are ready for winter to be over!

Signs of the Winter Blahs

Some signs that it is the “The Blah” times are:

  • the number of other runners you see running during this time of year has decreased significantly since November. On an 8 miler just before noon yesterday, I saw only one other runner, other times of the year I would see a couple dozen at this time of day.
  • when you go to the gym the dreadmills have a lot of people you recognize on them or when you visit their house they talk about their treadmill in the basement
  • you snap at non-runners who ask you how your running is going, with that knowing smile on their face – it is after all winter
  • commiserating with running friends in person or on social media sites about how long this winter has been
  • using words like jealous, I wish, etc., when talking to your running friends on social media, when they are talking about their running in temps 40º or higher
  • tired of running all bundled up and the endless laundry that it creates – Wearing 3-4 layers of clothes and sweating in them adds a lot to the wash load
  • trying to run in shorts, even though it is 30º outside with a 20 MPH head-wind in both directions
  • tired of having your spike or screws be your primary running shoe for weeks on end
  • losing the sense of adventure that running in fresh snow brought back in November/December
  • dreading going out to run in 20º or less temps, just knowing that it isn’t going to be fun, even if the bragging rights are there
  • dreaming of those 80º days with 80% humidity with fondness
  • your winter running shoes are wearing out, but you don’t yet dare to get a pair of new running shoes, because you “know” more snow and bad weather are still going to be coming for at least another 4-6 weeks. I don’t care what the damn Groundhog says :-).

The bottom line is you are just damn sick and tired of winter running and want winter to end – NOW!.

Make the Winter Blahs Manageable

What can we do to lessen the winter blahs?

  • Run outside when it is sunny
  • Keep running
  • Get a physical – as much as I hate going to the doctor, this is a great time of year to have a physical exam. I found out that I had a significant Vitamin D deficiency this way and fixing that made a huge difference for me a couple of years ago.
  • Go ahead and change where you run 1-2 times a week. I know that I get pretty bored with the limited course selection around the house that I have, once winter weather is here.
  • Go on a trip someplace warm, Florida, Arizona, California, Tahiti, Hawaii – warmth and sun
  • Get out of the house and run in a race or run with other people
  • Did I say keep running – I think I did

The reality is that

unless you have been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder or a Vitamin D deficiency, there isn’t too much else you can actually do about The Winter Blahs.  Other than suck it up, take it a day at a time, suffer through the remaining bad weather and wait for better weather and yeah – keep running.

Grammie Bertha wasn’t a scientist, but she was a wise old woman who lived from a different time (born in 1888). I remember when we were kids (back in the Dark Ages) and were moping around the house during the winter, she would always tell us to “get your asses outside – being in the house all the damn time isn’t good for you in even if it is winter”.  She was a rather blunt and feisty lady, but it seems her advice about a lot of things was spot on.

Seems her remedy works – get outside, we just have to put up with the cold and snow to do it.

We also know that spring is on its way, but it isn’t going to get here quick enough for most us. However, TheWife saw a Robin for the first time the other day – 2 weeks earlier than last year’s first sighting (she keeps track of that kind of stuff), so there is hope :-). Today is bright, sunny and 43º outside right now…mmm shorts weather, possibly t-shirt

Now I just have to find where I put my shorts and t-shirts – “Hey Hon, do you remember where I…”

Maybe spring will be early this year – I can hope can’t I.

I know that I am ready for it! 🙂