Things Are Getting Better – 2-15-12

My run today was pain-free! which was a good thing, I was able to run 3.0 miles in just over 30:00 minutes. However, when I put any kind of forward lean into the run, I could feel the calf tightening, so I just ran upright and it was fine. I purposely ran slow, just to make sure that I didn’t overstress the calf , but I don’t have any shoes now to do my daily runs in.

At some point I will get this figured out.

My Saucony Peregrines are not wearable as running shoes anymore, they started to blister my left heel at about 290 miles and since operating on them they just are not as comfortable and when I ran in them, they still feel like they are going to put a good-sized blister very quickly on my heel if I run any distance in them. It was really too bad, because until this all started they were headed to being a top 5 favorite all-time shoe, now they going to the give away pile tonight – so that I don’t run in them. So that sucks.

I got the New Balance Minimus Trail 20s to replace the Peregrines, but I need to be broke into the shoe a good deal more, than I thought that I would need. When I attempted to just run in them I re-aggravated a minor calf strain, (after 2 only days of no transition running), into something that forced me to miss 4 days of running. I am now using the Merrell Barefoot Transition Plan to transition to these shoes and that is about a 40 day plan. Which means I won’t be running my 25-30 miles a week in these new shoes any time soon. So that sucks too.

That means between now and sometime (hopefully) in March, I have to find a pair of running shoes to run in.

I have some old shoes lying around the house and I am going to have to figure out which ones I am going to run in, until I get transitioned to the MT 20s.

  • Asics Kahana (2007) – These are my back of the car emergency shoes. I ran in them for a couple of hundred yards today and to be honest after the Peregrines and yes the MT20s, it was like running in a pair of bricks. I don’t like them because they are so high in the heel and almost force me to run with a heel strike. They will have to work for using them on a trail run or snowmobile trails/road/dirt road combo runs. I am not trying break any land speed records, so for limited use this will work a  temporary measure or I just won’t run on trails for a while – which sucks.
  • Brooks Ravenna (2009)  – This was what I thought I would be running in, however, the more that I run in them, the more I know that they are too small for me. My feet either got larger  in the past few years or 8’s no longer fit me everything I have bought lately has been 8.5. When I  ran in them yesterday, I was very uncomfortable, I could do it, but my toes don’t splay very much and I wouldn’t want to do much over 2-3 miles at a time. This sucks too. Going to the give away pile tonight – so I am not tempted to use them any way and cause different problems.
  • Nike Air Prestos (2006) – My track interval shoes. Too small also, but still comfortable due to the stretchy uppers. I ran 3.0 in them today, even though they are fast, light shoes, I maintained a 10:00 pace without any problems. I have a lot of treadmill miles on these shoes and they will suck in any snow or on trails. But for clear road training, I have a feeling that I will be running in these a lot until I get through the MT20 transition. I like the shoes, but I really wanted to save them for the track, so we will see what happens, I am not sure how these will feel after 4-5 miles, so at best these are a short-term solution..

I know that most “serious runners” usually have two pair of shoes to alternate, but unfortunately that is not part of the budget now and so I am a one-shoe wonder. 🙂

It will all work-out, but this sure is putting a crimp into my mileage lately. Ideally I would go out and buy another pair of running shoes, but this time I would go to either Brunswick or Portland to the Maine Running Company to see what they have available, that really fits me and that I can run in now without any transition..

Yes I am whining just a bit :-).

Minimalist Shoe Transition Plan Day #4

  • Activity 1 of 3: 10 kneeling ankle & foot stretches – rock hips left and right 10 times each way.
  • Activity 2 of 3: 20 jumping jacks
  • Activity 3 of 3: 30-minute walk

I didn’t do the Jumping Jacks, I though that they might cause problems for my calf, but I did the stretches.

I also walked from M&M Repair to about 1/4 mile from the house and then turned around and walked with TheWife and Bennie down-back over to the Snowmobile trail. This took about 90 minutes total and was about 3.5 miles. It seems that I can walk in the MT20s on a variety of surfaces and for long distances comfortably. However, when I go ahead in try to run in them, they bother my calf that had that previous injury. They do seem to be doing better and my feet are not sore in them, so the transition is going well (even though I pushed a little farther than I should have today).

Thing are going to get better, I just know it 🙂