9 Miles – Tired and Happy – 2-21-12

What a great run today! The Saucony Kinvara 2s felt fantastic and actually after about the first half mile, I stopped worrying about them and just ran.

It was nice to just be able to run, without having to think about what I am doing or worry about re-aggravating my calf strain. I took a chance this morning and decided to run 8.0 on the rail trail in Augusta, while TheWife walked 3 miles with the Beener. I figured with an out and back course if my leg or the shoes started to bother me that it would be easier to just turn around and come back.

I also started a new “canned” training program in MiCoach, I am not a big fan of canned programs, but this one is not the same as others I have tried before. I usually prefer running for a certain distance and this program is based on the amount of time spent running. I will try it for a while to see how it works for me – something different may be what I need, there is nothing saying that I have to do exactly what it says.

That being said I have made Tuesdays my long run day – Sundays just don’t work for me due to other reasons. So this was my long run for the week.

Back to the run – It was sunny mid 30’s with a slight wind going out. I was not going for speed, just time and distance today. So I started out pretty conservatively and when I increased my speed too much the program told me to slow down or when I was going too slow it would tell me to speed up – decent motivation, but going to have to wear earphones to catch what the “coach” is telling me.

The Augusta to Hallowell part of the trail was in great shape with only a couple of places that had some black ice. However, while the Hallowell to Gardner section while it was mostly clear it did have patches of ice, that you have go around and be very careful, because the sides are a snow/ice combo, which was slippery. Actually for this time of year, the Rail Trail was in great shape!

I started at the .25 mile marker and turned around at the 4.50 marker, to make sure that I got the full 80:00 minutes in on the run, I still needed a few more minutes when I completed 8.0, so I went back out to the .75 mile marker to give me a 9.0 mile total. However, the GPS only gave me credit for 8.88 – guess what I believe the mile markers more than I do the GPS, so I ran 9.0 and put that in my official log spreadsheet, not the auto-post to MiCoach :-).

This is also the longest run I have done this year and I was very happy with it!!!

Yes the calf strain still bothers a little if I try to put a decent lean into my form or try to go faster, so I am going to do it right and just be happy that I am running mostly pain-free :-). My right knee was great and as long as I held my form everything else felt good.

Just for giggles I weighed myself when we got home and came in at 161 – the least I have weighed since the mid-90’s (when I would always weigh myself after runs). I really want to crack that 160 barrier soon, but will probably be back up to 163/164 tomorrow.  It is progress though, maybe I should make it a habit to weigh myself only after long runs ;-).

Here is the official running log page for today

Questions about Brands being Loyal to Runners

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Yesterday I did a post on Brand Loyalty in Running and Eric alias “Running Moose” said in his comment: “Now if I can get them to be loyal to me…”

It got me to thinking – I know a bad thing sometimes, but not this time.

This is a pretty broad statement and yet I have heard this same sentiment from many runners and even myself over the years – that brands/companies are not very loyal to their loyal customers.

I want to ask other runners opinions on this topic, before I go off and spout my opinions and theories about brands being loyal to their customers.


  1. What is your definition of loyalty to a customer?
  2. In your opinion what do brands do now to show loyalty to their customers?
  3. What could brands do differently to show more loyalty to their customers?
  4. How could brands use Social Media to create better brand loyalty by customers?
  5. What do you personally expect in return for being loyal to a brand?

If you could respond to the questions in the comments section below, I will put together a post with the results after Friday.

No I am not doing this as a study for any of the brands, this is something that I am just doing.