Running up the Bitch Again

I drove up to see dad today and by the time I got back I was ready for a good run. It is an hour up and back and I am getting so that I don’t really like driving all that much any more. No problems, I just would rather be doing something else other than sitting in a car for that amount of time.

I was due for a 35:00 minute workout according to MiCoach and my thoughts were that it was time again to work on my nemesis hill.

Today I ran the “Bitch” and yep it is still a bitch for me run all of the way to the top of, but it is a great training hill, for both downhill and uphill running.

Below is the chart to show what the Bitch looks like on GPS elevation:

You can see that I slowed down a lot getting to the top of it too, but I didn’t stop running, it wasn’t fast, but it was still running. I felt pretty good throughout the whole run, although coming back up Shepard Road, the wind was directly in my face and it was a pain in the butt (about 15-20 mph headwind), however, just part of living around here.

I really focused on my foot landing and keeping the strides shorter, maybe it is time to get the wife to video me out on the road, so that I can see what I am actually doing versus what I think I am doing. I feel pretty good, but I just doesn’t feel quite right yet.

I don’t like that MiCoach has this 5:00 minute warmup period before it starts to record data, yes I know I am supposed to warm-up and do, but when I turn on the program, I would like it to start tracking data then not later, I didn’t really realize this was the case until today. I may have to change how I use the program? I don’t know on this one. Will figure it out as I go though.

Felt like a very good run and I for the most part stayed in the green zone and shhhhh I was above it a few times for very short periods ;-).