Wordless Wednesday 2-29-12

Below are my 5 favorite photos from the past week:

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as usual this week, but it has been a crazy week :-).

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 2-29-12

  1. So… if someone wanted to finally get moving again and needed new shoes, you would recommend those Saucony Kinvara? If so, can I get them locally?

    1. David – I like the Kinvara a lot and it meets my needs great. I like Saucony and New Balance shoes, but it depends a lot on how you run, if you run on your heels, I probably would recommend something else. Go down to the old Cadillac Mountain Sports in Downtown Bangor, they used to have some pretty savvy runners in there to help you choose a decent running shoes. I got a really great price on my shoes at Dick’s and they have a pretty decent selection. I don’t know if there are any Running Specific stores in Bangor, I can find out from some people who belong to the Sub5 track club up there and give you their recommendations of where to up in Bangor. Will get back to you later.

      1. Harold… thanks. I need new shoes and am determined to shake the cabin fever and start moving again. You say it depends on how I run? I run… slowly 🙂

        I’ll check out Epic (used to be Cadillac Mountain Sports) – thanks for the tip.

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