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Month: March 2012

Winter’s Last Gasp?

As you can see it snowed today, it really wasn’t all that much, just an inch or two, but you know something I am getting sick of the white stuff. […]

Ran 7.0 in the Newtons 3-28-12

Today I ran my first longer run in the Newton Gravity and they did GREAT! We woke up to a coating of snow on the ground – nothing serious, but […]

Starting to Look Again and Felt Tired :-)

Today was an extremely busy day! I went to Veteran’s Administration to start learning how to navigate through its system. I was extremely impressed with the level of service, professionalism […]

Great Day to Run – 3-24-12

This afternoon was about as perfect a day as we get up “heah” in Maine for running. Mid 50’s a slight breeze out of the north, the mud was passable, […]

Crashing Through a Major Barrier

I finally did something that I haven’t done since probably 1992 and it is a great feeling – I weighed in at 159! The 160 pound barrier was a huge […]

A Just Do it Day Today 3-22-12

I didn’t get to run until late today, pressure washing the house, going through old clothes and a bunch of little jobs that I never got to last year, meant […]

12.0 Miler on 70 Degree March Day

It was mid 50s when I started my long run this morning. The forecast called for it to stay in the 50s, well guess what – it didn’t. By the […]