Today Was A Chafe Run = It Sucked 3-30-12

Yep the title says it all.

I couldn’t find my Ruez underwear for this longer run, so I wore a pair of old Shorts with a compression liner. I got them back in 2004 and they have served me well – well until today :-(.

Today was just a hard run for me, it started later than I like to run, didn’t get running until after 3:30 P.M and had had a busy day around the house, so I was a little tired to start. The the wind was blowing about 15MPH out of the north, so the first 3 or miles were pretty much run with it either in my face or just off my shoulder – just enough to wear you down even more.

It seems like I was going faster than the pace that iSmootRun was telling me, it seemed to be constantly switching back and forth between the accelerometer and the GPS, even though it was mostly clear sky and would even do it where there were no trees???  So I really don’t have a lot of confidence in the pace or distance, but hey it is only a training run, so it doesn’t really matter. But I think that sometime over the next couple of days, I might drive the course, just to get a different opinion.

Around mile 6.0 I started to chafe really bad! This was a bad time to have this happen because I was at least a couple of miles from the car, if I took some short-cuts I know. Once I start to chafe in the crotch/buttocks area, it doesn’t matter whether I walk or run, it is still pretty damn uncomfortable.

The fastest way was to just get it over with and finish the run, but I know that a few drivers were wondering “why to hell is that runner adjusting his pants so much?  Just trying to move the clothes away from the chafed areas, doesn’t work for very long, but better than nothing.

Needless to say the last 3.0-4.0 or more miles I wasn’t really into this run and wasn’t focused on anything, but trying to get the chafe more comfortable and get it over :(.

I think I have to go out and finally break down and buy at least couple of new pair of compression shorts, so that I will have them available when I need them, having only one reliable pair is not working for mileage over 6.0. I also think it is about time to start throwing away some of my old compression shorts that really irritate more than they help.

This was just one of those runs where a lot of things went wrong, I also forgot my energy gel pack and water, so I did this based on what I ate for lunch, which didn’t help the energy levels either.  Chalk this one down to being a learning experience :-), gotta have those every so often. You don’t even want to know the language and grimacing going on while showing tonight, not a pretty site or music to anyone’s ears.

Well it was still better than sitting on the couch and I don’t feel too bad now, so it was worth it, because I can’t remember the last time I had 160 miles in a month – probably back in 1986?

Winter’s Last Gasp?

As you can see it snowed today, it really wasn’t all that much, just an inch or two, but you know something I am getting sick of the white stuff. After last week’s taste of summer, I am ready for snow to be gone or at least not where I am.

So I am hoping that this was winter’s last gasp (even though I have a feeling Mother Nature will let it out of her cage a couple of more times to remind us of who is boss :-).

After two pretty long runs on Monday and Tuesday, I thought that I would do something easy at a 9:30-10:00 minute pace, the distance more on how I felt and how the New Balance MT110s I was wearing were doing on the longest run I have used them for yet.

I felt the pace was good and the shoes really make me focus on how I am landing, especially when I am running on tar. I wore them because I was going to run down-back and knew that it was a bit snow-covered. The MT110s handled the mixture of tar, gravel, snow, mud (snot quality) and puddles without any complaints, just a little wet foot in some places.

I am very happy with my 3 shoe rotation that I have going now:

  • Saucony Kinvara 2 – for long runs
  • Newton Gravity – for shorter recovery runs or faster short runs

This will flip as the Kinvara’s get worn and then I will have to look at another pair of shoes to replace the them to start this rotation over again.

  • New Balance MT110 – For trails and nasty weather running.

Since I have started this rotation a few weeks ago, my legs while tired don’t have that beat up feeling that you get when running in just one pair of shoes for everything.

Today’s run was a nice easy 5.0 miler. I am smiling a pretty big grin as I write that – last year at this time, walking a half mile was as far as my knee would go and then only because I forced the issue and withstood the discomfort to do that half mile.  What a difference a year makes 🙂

I can’t remember the last time that I hit 150 miles in a month, it has definitely been a LONG time and I still have a couple of days left.

Ran 7.0 in the Newtons 3-28-12

Today I ran my first longer run in the Newton Gravity and they did GREAT!

We woke up to a coating of snow on the ground – nothing serious, but it was white outside. To be honest I am just ready for it to be gone and get back to having 50-60 degree days in the sun. It was one of the crazy mixed up days weather-wise, it was cloudy and overcast, in the low 30s, then it rained a little, turned sleet, then ice pellets, a bit of hail and then some snow shower activity. 

During the run, I ran into a little of each type of weather, but actually once I was out in it, the weather didn’t bother me.  However, once I got to the dirt road down-back going and coming back, it felt like I was running snot and I definitely had to slow down – a lot or I would have ended up sitting or rolling around in the muck, not my idea of fun on a 30 degree day. Some places were fine, others, you just had to pick where you wanted to run – carefully.

I was either doing something really right with the Newtons (or totally wrong), because for most of the run, I didn’t even notice the front lugs when I was running, I just ran. Hell I was even able to pick up the pace a little in a couple of places along Tiffany Rd.  When I came back up the hill and the footing, I just lost my umph and slowed way down.

However, I surprised myself for the last 1/2 and felt pretty darn good.

Nope the Newtons did what they are supposed to do, they rewarded me for when I kept my form decent, because when I did, I didn’t really notice the lugs up front, they just felt “right”. No hotspots, the calves felt fine, I guess my transition to the shoes is going well and I can use them pretty much however I want to now. It will be interesting to see how they do on my first “Monday Long Run” with them in a couple of weeks :-).

By the way look where I was weight wise this morning 2 pounds from my goal weight :-). Running the long runs is really making a difference with getting rid of the flubber.

Starting to Look Again and Felt Tired :-)

Today was an extremely busy day!

I went to Veteran’s Administration to start learning how to navigate through its system. I was extremely impressed with the level of service, professionalism and courtesy, I was shown throughout my time over at Togus.

After that I went to the Maine Career Center in Augusta. The Veteran’s Counselor had a great suggestion for me, but I have to hustle, the deadline for applying for this position is the 29th and surprise I have decided to apply. Wish me luck.

I like retirement a lot, but with costs rising like they are, the budget is getting tighter than is comfortable. We are not in desperate straits or anything, so I can and will be a picky about what I decide to do, plus everyone tells me I am too young to be “retired”. 😉

So what does all of that have to do with running?

Running helps relieve stress and I needed to unwind a little after working on my résumé, calling people for references and putting a lot of my work history online into a job database. I was ready for the run, when I changed out.

My scheduled run was for 4.0 and I did 3.5, so I was happy. I will admit that I was pretty tired from yesterday’s long run and my legs definitely did not like coming back up the hills. So I just moved along comfortably, without trying to push too hard.

Plus it was still a little muddy down-back, so I couldn’t just run, I had to pick my lines, otherwise you step in ankle-deep mud and I just didn’t feel like doing that today :-).

I can feel myself getting in better shape and am definitely losing the weight like I want too, but I notice that the lack of speed work is affecting my how fast I run a bit. I am pretty much staying over a 9:00 minute pace for almost all the runs now and you know something I really don’t mind. It is more important for me to have a good running base and get to my goal weight than it is to run fast now. Fast will come later :-).

During the run, I had a chance to think about what I am doing and know that it is the right time to start seriously thinking about re-entering the workforce. If I could get this job, I would be very happy, if not some other work that I will enjoy the work, are what is important to me now.

Now to double-check all the information I have done so far, make sure that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, while making sure I have all the correct terminology in the application (key words).

You know that run did make a difference, because before the run, I was still a little wishy-washy about applying for this position and I did a lot of thinking while I was running. After finishing I know that I am going in the right direction by applying for this job.

Anyone need a great worker, who lives in the Augusta, Maine area – I’m back and available! 🙂

Finally Ran 13.1 for Base Time – 3-26-12

What a difference a week makes, last week I was running in shorts and t-shirt, today it was in winter mode again. 2 shirts, Jacket, wind pants, ear band, gloves along with wearing the hydration pack.

When I left the house it said 34F degrees, not too bad, but still chilly, but with a pretty good wind chill, it was cold enough that I hit a couple of snow squalls, which was pretty weird. After the run, when we came back up through the main drag in Augusta, it said 26 degrees with 20-30 mph winds straight out of the north.

That wind chill was cold and I didn’t realize how chilled I had gotten, until we got home. I just couldn’t seem to get warm, finally after lunch I had to sit in my easy chair with Bennie (dog) and Joey (cat) in my lap, a heating pad set to high and an hour nap to get rid of the chill that I had gotten.

The run itself was pretty good, until the 7.0 mile mark, when for some reason, I just really slowed down and couldn’t get going any faster again. I took the Clif Energy Shot at 6.0 miles, but I guess that was too late, lesson learned I need to take it at the five mile marker for it to be effective. Also I forgot my compression calf sleeves and I have found that those do make a difference and I do run better with them on, so I do have to remember to wear them as well.

I got to the 1.25 mile marker on the Augusta Rail Trail (my 12.0 mile marker), and then ran back against the 20-30 mph wind for the last mile. Running into that wind took every thing out me and I was wiped when I got done! I won’t say that I ran this at race pace effort, but I did run it harder than just plugging along, although it felt as though that was all I was doing in some spots :-). I finished and this is the furthest I have run this year.

I have never run a timed half-marathon distance before, so now I have a PR and a time to shoot at if I run the Rail Trail Half on 6/24.  I have a feeling that this will be my max distance for 3-4 weeks, as I get my body acclimated to running longer. Then sometime after mid April I might try a few 15 milers, just to get ready for racing a 1/2 marathon.

I really wanted to break 2:00:00 hours today, but just didn’t have enough in the tank to do it.

I did weigh-in at 159 again this morning, it will take me a week or two to be under it consistently, but I am not all that worried about it.

AVR – Running Week in Review 3-25-12

Most of the week was way of above average temps 80s in March, in Maine – I never have heard of it being this hot before and with the number of records set this week, neither had anyone else. I will not lie, I did enjoy the hot weather when I wasn’t running, but during the runs it was a little miserable. It was a great week, but I know that I am tired.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog Week of 3/25/12

40 miles this week and over 120 for March, this has been a great month so for as far running goes. Also that Friday’s weight meant a lot to me – it has been a super long time since I broke the 160 barrier.

Miles walked this week:  21.1 

Three things Running

  1. Find a girl crawling on the trail or as she called it helping to rescue a damsel in distress: It was fortune that allowed me to find the girl who was crawling on the trail after she hurt her leg while trail running (it turned out she broke her fibula). It took a while to carry her out, but staying with her was the right thing to do and I would hope that everyone else would stop and help someone if they are on a trail and in need of help too.
  2. Over 40 miles: I think that I am at the limit of my mileage now – 40 miles in a week is a lot for me and I am pretty tired this weekend. I plan to keep doing my long runs, but have a feeling that I will probably try to keep it between 35-41 miles next week.
  3. Running in hot weather: Is different from running in the 30-40’s that are more seasonable, but I found out that I like the hydration pack, even though I do run a little slower when I wear it. I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy running this summer.
This week in a word:

Blog Posts

Below are my posts from last week:

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I have basically figured out that other than my running log entries, that I want to try for only 2-4 added blog posts a week and am even thinking about going to just twice a week for those posts. With nice weather coming I will not have as much time to devote to blogging as I have this past winter.  I just have too many other interests that will be taking up my time and I don’t make any money doing this, so there are other priorities that will take my time over the next 6-8 months.

Top 10

Here are my top ten posts for the past week based on pageviews:
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My Favorite post from last week

Finding an Injured Runner on the Trail 3-21-12 was my favorite post from last week. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time. I had planned to only do 3.5 and ended up going longer, which resulted in me being there after she got hurt, instead of passing by her while she was running. I am glad that we were able to get her out safely and that she will be okay when her leg heals.


I passed a major milestone this week, I broke through the 160 barrier that has plagued me for 20 or so years. Yes I am back to 161 today, but I bounce 2-3 pounds over the course of a week, so it doesn’t concern me at all. Most of the week I was at 160 and will start dipping below that more regularly over the coming weeks. I still am not trying super hard to lose the weight, but it is coming off slowly but surely and as long as I keep running consistently, I hope that it continues to come off.


I have a few aches and pains from helping to carry out the young lady – you don’t realize how many muscles you use when lifting and carrying a 150+ pound person on a slippery trail. My ankles, knees and lower back were tired and ached for the next couple of days – I wonder if that is part of my tiredness today or if I am coming down with a bug of some kind. I have felt like crap most of the day and while working on onions today, I got feeling really sick.

Running wise as I continue to increase my mileage behind my left knee (at the top of my calf) is sore, but goes away after I get about half mile into the run.

Running Shoes

Saucony Kinvara

So far the Kinvara have proved to be a great shoe, I have run long runs without any problems in them and they allow me to just run in them. I am concerned about the amount of wear on the blown rubber portions of the sole and the uppers are starting to get tears in the fabric over the upper. I am still wondering how many miles I will get on my K2s before they wear down too much to wear for my primary long-distance running shoes.

New Balance MT110

I got out on the trails with the MT110s this week and loved them, they worked great on the trails and I still walked in them almost every day this week and they are not bothering me at all.

Newton Gravitas

They are a comfortable shoe to run in and this week I plan to run one of my 5-6 milers in them to see how they do. I am happy with the progress I am making in adjusting to the Gravity and think that I will be ready to run longer runs in them when the Kinvaras need to be replaced.  I don’t like the open weave for 30-40 degree days, but they sure felt great on those 80 degree days

Racing Schedule

I started a Google Calendar – Running In Maine 2012 with a lot of the dates of races in Maine during 2012. Yesterday I worked on updating and adding a lot of races to the calendar, so it is a lot better than it was before

I have it sort of narrowed down to the races listed below

Date Name of Race Location Result
3/4/2012 Chamberlain 5k Brewer Didn’t run
4/7/2012 Fly Like An Eagle 5k China  Submitted Race Application
4/28/2012 Joseph’s 5K Fairfield, Maine
5/26/2012 Pineland Fams Trail Running 5k New Gloucester
6/24/2012 Rail Trail 5K & 1/2 Marathon Augusta
7/4/2012 Friends of the Fourth Winthrop
7/12/2012 Bond Brook 5K Race Series Augusta  Wednesday Evening
7/15/2012 Bradbury Mountain 6 Miler Pownal
7/19/2012 Bond Brook 5K Race Series Augusta  Wednesday Evening
8/2/2012 Bond Brook 5K Race Series Augusta  Thursday Evening
8/5/2012 Bradbury Mountain 9 Miler Pownal
8/11/2012 Topsham Fair 5k Topsham
9/9/2012 Bradbury Mountain 12 Pownal
11/10/2012 Maine-ly Moose 5k Portland

As we go through the season, races will change and I have added the Bond Brook series already and taken out a couple of others :-). This at least gives me an idea of what I would like to run. I have also made a widget for the sidebar of this blog that has the calendar in it.  It you see any errors or other information that needs to be updated or added please let me know.

Running Goals

This section shouldn’t change too much from week to week, but I want to keep them right in front of me so that I don’t forget what my goals are

A slight change to my goals – is to make sure that I am enjoying running and not letting it become too much like work.

This year my big goals are to run 1,200 miles, run a sub 20:00 5K and get through 2012 without any significant down time or injuries (running related or others).  My unadvertised goals from the start of the year are to be able to finish a half-marathon (notice I said finish not race) and run a few trail races when the weather gets better.

My long-term goal will be to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. I finished the 1983 Marathon and to run/finish Marine Corps again 30 years later would be very cool. This is one of the major goals that I have in mind for my running and it would be even more fantastic if I could qualify for Boston that same day. Therefore, I am doing a 2 year work-up to the Marathon distance, just to see if my knee will hold up.

The reality is that

This has been a very good week overall. The best thing was that I  helped someone in need and that meant a lot to me.  A couple of long runs (12 & 10 miles), plus over 40 miles in a week for the first time in a long time. The weather was unseasonably warm, which made me think about how nice it will be to run this summer – I am looking forward to running a lot this summer.

An Easy but Rainy 2.0 Mile Run 3-25-12

Sundays are usually my rest day, were I don’t do a lot more than my Bennie walks. However, I couldn’t resist getting out in the rain and running the 2.0 miles I needed to go over 40.0 miles for the week for the first time in forever.

Yes I did make the 2.0 miles and yes I went over 40.0 miles for the week! It was cold and raw in the rain, but I purposely just kept it slow and didn’t try to speed up at all during the run.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-25-12

This is the pace/elevation chart from Endomondo, why do they use MPH instead of pace? How many runners actually use MPH to figure how fast they are going (personally I have never used MPH and always used pace per mile) I don’t understand, I guess it is just part of getting old and crotchety, oh well one of the reasons why I don’t use this program very often, otherwise I like most everything about the website and App. Gotta keep looking 🙂

I just felt tired and beat during the run, so I was glad it was only going to be 2.0 miles. I probably would have been better off resting today, but couldn’t resist getting over 40 in. I think that tough 10.0 miles Friday afternoon is kicking my butt today DOMS.

Great Day to Run – 3-24-12

This afternoon was about as perfect a day as we get up “heah” in Maine for running. Mid 50’s a slight breeze out of the north, the mud was passable, meant that I really wanted to run further than a couple today, even though I ran a tough 10.0 yesterday.

I ran down to the town office and back then I added on another mile up on top, just because I was feeling so good. Heck I even picked up my pace a lot at the end. All in all it was a very satisfying run.

All but the GPS program I was using screwed up royally after I finished. Didn’t save any of the data correctly and I lost my actual time/distance for the run. So I just went ahead measured it, using an online mapping program and came out to 4.62, I think it is a little further than that, but this is the distance I got, so it was close enough.

I really like the idea of having GPS to know distance/time and then have a good pace/elevation chart to look at after the run is over. I like the MiCoach chart, but there are other things about the program that I don’t like, so I have tried to find the one that I like after that and unfortunately, even though I have tried most of them, none of them are what I want.

So I will probably deal with MiCoach’s limitations and keep using it until something better comes along or one of the others gets an update that I like. The biggest problem for me on most of the GPS running programs is that their pace/elevation charts just look like crap and I don’t like how they look when I screen shot them and post them to the blog. I know first world problem and oh woe is me. ;-P

Ah it has been a great day, but I did gain that pound back and am back at 160, well now to get back on track and get back under that magic number.

Crashing Through a Major Barrier

I finally did something that I haven’t done since probably 1992 and it is a great feeling – I weighed in at 159!

The 160 pound barrier was a huge psychological barrier for me and I have finally broken through it.

This also means I am officially not overweight anymore (well at least until I gain that damn pound back – I usually fluctuate 1-3 pounds over the course of a week), but for the first time in a long time

I was in the normal weight range.

and I plan to be under that weight more and more over the coming weeks.

My battle with this number.

Over the past 20 years, I have weighed between 165 and 200 pounds – once in a great while slightly above or below those numbers, but not very often.  How much I weighed was pretty much dependent upon my outlook during those years. When I was in a good space, I was at the lower end, when things were tough I was at the upper end.

It always seemed that I would just get on a good roll and really started to get the weight off, that is when something would happen to derail my efforts. I would get injured, suffer an illness, work got too stressful or family stuff would crop up that took precedence over everything else.

You know the routine – life got in the way of my loosing weight. Then I would be back on that weight-gain/loss roller coaster again.

Time to get off the roller coaster

My being so fat was very unhealthy and was also a deciding factor when we decided it was time for me to retire last June.

On the day that I retired, I weighed 196 pounds and I have a feeling that I was well above that before my knee surgery in May 2011, because I did start to lose weight after the surgery, but I didn’t stand on the scales until my retirement date, because I was too embarrassed about how much I weighed and how fat I had gotten.

To be honest many of my eating habits were increasingly centered around eating to help relieve job related stress. As a teacher my life revolved around school, the stresses of attempting to teach Junior High School Special Education students, doing all the paperwork that goes along with Special Education a special education caseload and trying to improve myself as a teacher.

Eating poorly was a way to comfort myself when things were not going the way that I wanted them to or when something was going on at work that was pretty stressful. Not something you like to admit, but it is being honest.

The decision to retire meant that work was no longer my focus and that my job became improving my health and to make changes to my lifestyle to accomplish it.  I couldn’t have accomplished either with the support of my wife and everything she did to help me through some of the tougher parts of my getting healthier odyssey.

In other words – I got off the roller coaster.

Lifestyle changes

Over the course of the of the past 9 months, I have really focused on eating better (not great, just better), eating less (stopping at 1 serving, instead of seconds  or thirds at meals), having deserts less often, limiting junk foods and moving a lot more.  Using this combination eating better, moving more and developing some mental toughness (that is an important factor), I have lost almost 40 pounds.

I also give some of the credit to this blog, because it keeps me honest about what I am really doing and has become an important piece of my daily self-accountability, that was lacking over the years. I have made my weight and workout log public for the world to see.”

This blog also gives me a place to vent my feelings. There were many, many published, still unpublished or deleted blog entries over this time, that helped me get things off my chest and allowed me to react to situations differently than I did in the past. Which meant that I did a lot of writing instead of resorting eating my comfort foods to de-stress (i.e. a bag of Wavy Lays chips and a large Dr. Pepper, with a side order of Cinnamon Pop Tarts).

My Secret Weight Loss Plan

Over the past month or so I have been asked several times “what is your secret to loosing weight?”

That is just it – there isn’t any secret formula to losing weight.

In theory losing weight is very simple eat less and move more. However, loosing weight (especially as you get older) is pretty damn hard to do and you have to develop some mental toughness to get through some of the more difficult times you will have.

You actually have to change your lifestyle to really lose weight and keep it off, you can not just keep doing what you have done and expect things to be different – that is just another definition of insanity and you will re-gain the weight you lose.

The changes don’t have to be as extreme as what I did – retiring to take control of your physical and mental health.  However, you do have to look objectively at your life and commit to making changes in what or how you eat, getting off your ass to move more and how you deal with stress.

Those are my “secrets” to losing weight.  Not very big secrets are they.

The reality is that

My goal weight of 155 pounds that I set at the start of the year, is well within reach and now that I am almost there I would really like to get under 150 and stay under 150 pounds for the rest of my life.

Doing that will be hard work, but it will be worth it in the long run, especially if I can add quality years to my life, not just live longer.

You notice that I didn’t talk about running at all in this post until now. There are many ways of getting off your ass and moving, but my preferred method is to run. I know that it is not for everyone, but it is something that I love to do. Running is something that I plan to do until I can’t anymore and even then will probably keep trying despite what the doctors will say.


I like how I feel since I have lost the weight, yes I actually have ribs and have gotten rid of the beach ball that used to be in front of me. I thing that I look pretty good, well as good as this 50’s something geeky guy is going to look better – gotta be able to laugh at yourself :).  If you want to see what I look like here is my post on how surprised I was at a recent photo.

Loosing weight and keeping it off is a tough job and something that I will have to work at every day that I am still wandering around this big blue ball, but I refuse to be the person that I was on June 17, 2011 again. I will not to go back to being that person – fat and feeling pretty damn miserable.

No this is not one of those pat myself on the back posts, I wrote it to show others that if you work hard, what you can accomplish – a lot more than you think you can.

Surprise 10 and a Tough 10.0 Mile Run 3-23-12

I really wasn’t planning on going this far today, I like to do something around 8.0 and not too tough a course on Fridays. Instead I decided to go around the River Road, which turned out to be exactly 10.0 miles according to the GPS. I did some experimenting today to see how things would work.

1. Ran again with hydration pack, I do think that I run slower with it on, but it carries everything that I want to carry comfortably, so it is a trade-off that I think is worth it on longer training and definitely on trail runs.

2. Didn’t run in my compression Tommie Copper calf sleeves. They do make a difference, my legs are toast tonight and when I wear them, I really do not feel nearly this bad. Note to self – runs longer than 6.0 miles wear the compression sleeves. Disclaimer Tommie Copper provided these calve sleeves at no cost for a previous review of their product.

3. Didn’t bring any energy gels. They do make a difference on runs over 6.0 miles. I really started to bonk after the 1 hour mark as you can see by my time dipping so much after that point. The hills might have had something to do with it too.

I wanted to stay in the 9:00 minute range for the run tonight, however, I ended up being a lot closer to 10:00 minutes. When looking at the above chart, I can see why I was getting so freaking tired over the course of the last part of the run. I haven’t run hills like this for a long time and they got me pretty good at the end. The hill at the 1:10 mark just about killed me, but I didn’t walk at all during the run.

This is going to be a good course to check my fitness levels and hopefully next time I don’t have to run into a 20-25 mph headwind going up the Lyons Road (where I really started to drop my time.

THE GREAT NEWS this morning was that I cracked the 160 barrier and weighed in at 159. I haven’t weighed this little since before 1990, so it has been a long time. You know something I am pretty damn excited about this. I know that I will probably bounce back over 160 tomorrow, but I am definitely heading in the right direction and only have 4 more pounds to reach my first goal weight.

I know that I am definitely toast tonight and my body is done.  The homemade Pepperoni, green pepper and garlic pizza tasted fantastic, along with the glass of Merlot that went down way too easily. No I am sitting with Bennie in my lap, having a cup of green tea and a chocolate chip whoppie pie. A great way to relax, now to turn on the TV and watch some more of March Madness 🙂

If I really wanted to work hard, I could get 40 miles this week – will have to think about it :-).