Saucony Kinvara 2 – After 50 Miles

I now have 55.7 miles on my Saucony Kinvara 2s and I like to do a follow-up review of new shoes after 50 miles. So it is that time.

The newness has worn off and I have had time to notice the little things about a my Kinvara 2s that I didn’t, when I started to wear them

These are not leading edge shoes and have been around for a while (in shoe terms) and have been reviewed too many times for me to go into any great technical detail. My review will focus on how the K2s are working for me.

I have run in the K2s 12 times with long runs of 8 and 9 miles. How have they done?

Honestly, I like running in them so far. The K2s are a fast, light shoe that allows me to run the way I want to run.


They are mostly comfortable – I have a minor issue with the right pinkie feeling slightly too snug against the side of the shoe, but no blisters have formed there and after I start running, the snugness doesn’t seem to bother too much. Other than that minor snugness, the shoes fit very well and my feet don’t slide around inside of the shoe and there are no other hot spots, even after my long runs. When the Kinvara 3s come out, if I decide to stay with the Kinvara line – I might try on the wider edition, we will see how it goes and what I think of them in a few months.


On the road and in dry dirt the shoes have done very well and I like the amount of protection they offer, while only having a small amount of drop and being so light. Whether I am going faster or slower the Kinvara 2 feel very comfortable for me to run in.

The couple of times that down-back got a little muddy, the tread design wasn’t that great for muddy conditions and I slipped and slid around more than I would want, along with my feet getting pretty wet. These are definitely not mudder shoes.

I purposely ran out in today’s snow storm to see how they would do in snow – not as bad as some I have run in, but not all that great either, I was slipping a lot more than I did in my Peregrines. In my opinion as a winter shoe, they are not really all that good. I wouldn’t want these shoes to be my primary trail or winter shoes. Yes they you could run in them in those conditions and they would work on non-technical easy trails or some snow, like most other road shoes do.

This does mean that I need a second pair running shoes that have better traction and don’t allow your feet to get as wet or feel the cold  quite so much. In other words a pair of trail shoes, which are enroute.

The good news is that the snow run helped clean off some of the crud that had accumulated on these shoes :-).


There were a lot of reviews I read before getting the K2s, that discussed how the sole wears too quickly and how the uppers would last. To be honest, they look about like any other of my shoes after 50 miles, a little wear on the soles and the uppers are in still in great shape, just a little dirtier/stained than when I got them. I am not easy on shoes, by any stretch of the imagination and the Kinvara 2s have held up nicely for me.


The biggest thing that I don’t like about the Kinvara 2s that I have, is that they are mostly white. I am definitely not a White shoe type of runner, I run in mud, dirt, snow, slush and other stuff that just doesn’t do well with white shoes. It is what it is, and white/blue are what was available for colors in the Kinvara 2 when I got them, but white shows the crap that I generally go through way toooooo much.

The reality is that

If that is the biggest complaint I have about a pair of shoes (the color), then they must be doing fine. 😉

The Kinvara 2s are now being closed-out to make way for the Kinvara 3’s that are coming out later this spring, so you can definitely get some great deals on this shoe. Who knows, if I can get a great deal on another pair, I might just buy them and put them in the closet for when these wear out.

Yep – so far I like them – a lot.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I bought these shoes with my own money and no one has compensated me to write this review. The thoughts and words are my own.

14 thoughts on “Saucony Kinvara 2 – After 50 Miles

  1. Glad they seem to be working out for you! I tried some on at MRC in Portland last weekend. The kid who worked there (I am now old enough to call him a kid because he was like 20 maybe) said he ran those all of the time. He said they wear out quickly but they are an incredible shoe. I liked the lightness but they are super narrow and I have weirdly wide feet. If I were to get them, I’d be wearing mens. Like all of the other lightweight shoes!!!

    1. Hi Jen – the narrowness is something that Saucony needs to work on, their last for this shoe is slightly too narrow for my narrow feet and so many others. I have been lucky so far, the wear that I am experiencing is on the forefoot where the extra wear protection is, so we will see how they are doing in another 200 miles. Gotta wear what is comfortable sometimes and let style go by the wayside :-). I like them so far.

  2. Great review, I have the 1st generation Kinvara’s but only got to run in them a couple of times prior to getting injured but I liked them a lot. I heard the 2’s weren’t as good but your review is promising. Great post!!

    Did you change the side your column is on….I feel like I have been spun around on your site!

    1. Thanks, I have heard they have done a lot of changes to the 3’s so you might want to skip the 2’s? Yes I changed themes last night and unfortunately this is a left sidebar. I like more color contrasts than I had before. Made a few decisions and just want to be me with my blogging 🙂

  3. There is also going to be a Kinvara Trail coming out in the Spring. They sent them to the local running store I work with and they look pretty sweet. Much like the Kinvaras but with bigger tread on the bottom and a rock plate. Probably a good fit for your needs if you like the Kinvaras.

    1. I have seen photos of the Kinvara Trails and they look intriguing, I had the Peregrines and liked them until the end, but that is a different story :-). I am going to see how the K2s do for me at the 300 mile mark and then make some choices at that time. I still really want to try the Newtons, Altra and Brooks Pure on to see how they fit, before I get my next pair of running shoes. Typical runner always looking. 😉

  4. Nice review. I’ve tried on the Kinvara 2s – very comfortable. I’m wearing a pair of Saucony Mirage – also a nice shoe. I’m looking forward to wearing Saucony even more and getting to know the brand better.

    1. Thanks, I have had good luck with Saucony’s as far as always being able to run in them, my problems is between 250 and 300 miles my left heel beats up the lining and I end up with blisters on the foot (my foot problem not a shoe problem). The Kinvara is designed differently, so I am hopeful that they will avoid this problem and I can get a couple hundred more miles out of the shoes. 🙂 Other brands seem to have a break in my body period with their 0-4MM shoes and Saucony’s I just run in them.

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