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10 Miler Done – 3-4-12

Today was my long run day and guess what?

I hammered it!

Not bragging or trying make myself out to be something I am not, but finished 10 miles at just over a 9:00 minute pace per mile. I know that is not very fast to a lot of you out there, but it is the first time in a long time that I have done double-digits and

  1. not felt like crap afterwards
  2. not big or unusual aches or pains
  3. I could have gone further without a lot of problems
The last time I ran at least this far I got injured and missed the 2006 Maine Marathon, today I finished and felt great!!!!!!

We got around 3 inches of snow last night, so the footing at times was interesting and I had to jump off the road for cars, far too often and couldn’t see what was under the snow, which was a little dicey at times. However, I felt great throughout the run and if the footing had been better, I might have had a  shot at going under 9:00s which would have amazed me.

What is the big thing you notice about this — It is pretty much DOWNHILL!!!! Once I get through the 30-35 minute point, there are just some bumps, to get over, which is great. I will see how my legs are in the morning, but this is actually a pretty fast course. That big dip at about 45 minutes was when a big dump truck went by and my hat flew off, so I had to run back and get it about 20 yards back up the road.

We had agreed to meet at College Carryout, which I thought was pretty close to 10.0 miles and when I checked my GPS it was 9.98 and TheWife drove up just as I got to the parking lot – talk about timing. I didn’t have to stand out in the cold at all, I just hopped in the car and off we went.

I was very happy with how consistent my pacing was for this distance:

It will be interesting to see what my time for this run will be later this spring when the roads are clear. I hope that I feel as good at the end of all my long runs as I did today, because I felt pretty damn good. Although this afternoon while I was sitting in my easy chair participating in a #fitblog chat I fell asleep and woke up with a dog sleeping in my lap an hour later 🙂


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