An Easy but Rainy 2.0 Mile Run 3-25-12

Sundays are usually my rest day, were I don’t do a lot more than my Bennie walks. However, I couldn’t resist getting out in the rain and running the 2.0 miles I needed to go over 40.0 miles for the week for the first time in forever.

Yes I did make the 2.0 miles and yes I went over 40.0 miles for the week! It was cold and raw in the rain, but I purposely just kept it slow and didn’t try to speed up at all during the run.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-25-12

This is the pace/elevation chart from Endomondo, why do they use MPH instead of pace? How many runners actually use MPH to figure how fast they are going (personally I have never used MPH and always used pace per mile) I don’t understand, I guess it is just part of getting old and crotchety, oh well one of the reasons why I don’t use this program very often, otherwise I like most everything about the website and App. Gotta keep looking 🙂

I just felt tired and beat during the run, so I was glad it was only going to be 2.0 miles. I probably would have been better off resting today, but couldn’t resist getting over 40 in. I think that tough 10.0 miles Friday afternoon is kicking my butt today DOMS.