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Month: April 2012

AVR – Week In Review 4/29/12

Last week I got serious about my job search and have really been working hard on the getting all of my background information together and consolidating most of my online […]

Moving to Different Web Address

Hi Everyone I have decided to move this site to a different URL – I found a variation of my name and decided that I wanted to use that domain […]

Lee Sementelli Joseph’s 5K Photos Link

Here are some more photographs from this morning’s Joseph’s 24th Annual 5K taken by Lee Sementelli Photography, if you would like to see more of today’s photos click Lee’s link […]

Joseph’s 24th Annual 5K Road Race

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! That is the word of the day, for the end of April Mid 30’s and 20 mph winds made for a cold race this morning. Otherwise I loved the […]

Job Search Progress – 4/27/12

Getting all of your ducks in a row and preparing your job search is not really all that easy and will take more time than you think it will. You […]

Have You Done Your Work History Yet?

Have you done your Work History yet? If not why not? Unfortunately or fortunately, however you look at it, Federal, State and many other job applications need a lot of detail […]

VA for Vets Career Center Website

This site is probably old news for many out there, but I just found it today. I was doing research on the web this morning and started looking around the Veteran’s […]

Job Search Progress – 4/25/12

Today was a good day and I got a lot done. Made a network connection and will meet with the person next Monday, replied to a former colleague to setup […]

Easy 5K & Alternative Workout 4/25/12

This morning my Alternative Workout equipment was made ready and I got to use it this afternoon. I definitely will be sore in the morning – using a chainsaw, pulling, […]

Blogging During My Job Search

As part of my job search I will start using the Old Guy Job Search blog as part of my overall job search strategy.  It will be a central repository of things […]

My Alternative Exercise Program

This morning my alternative workout gym was being created. The main culprits of creating my new workout facility were these folks: They did a great job and put my exercise […]

Veterans’ Networking Session 4-23-12

I was invited to attend the Veterans’ Networking session today at the Augusta Career Center and got to listen to Patrick Therrien’s – Technology & Education Training Specialist presentation on […]