Blogging During My Job Search

As part of my job search I will start using the Old Guy Job Search blog as part of my overall job search strategy.  It will be a central repository of things that I do and learn during this next stage of my professional life.

I have heard the negatives about blogging while job searching, i.e.  you will reveal too much about yourself, the potential employer will find reasons to not hire you, etc. To me these reasons are bogus, I want my potential employer to know more about me, that yes I have flaws and am not perfect, in other words that I am human.

If a prospective employer is looking for reasons to disqualify candidates or look for someone who is perfect (instead of someone who would be a great addition to their organization), then I seriously have to ask if I it is the kind of place that I would really want to work.

When I do accept a new job, I want it to be the kind of job that I will want to go to work every day, not a place where I go to put in my time. There is a big difference between the two and I have a pretty good idea of what I want and will explore it further here on Old Guy Job Search.

My blog(s) are dynamic online resumes that can tell potential employers and others a lot more about me than the traditional resumes that everyone sends out and not too many people ever really read. My blog posts will not always be formatted perfectly and gasp an error in grammar or spelling might find its way into my writing – sorry that is life and what actually occurs in the workplace from time-to-time.

More and more the hiring process has become a crap shoot – where the resumes, job descriptions and interviews are all standardized, scripted and contain much of the same information, just said a little differently. In my opinion one way to stand out and show prospective employers that I am not just another “cookie cutter candidate” is to blog during my job search. My blog can help organizations get to know me far better than the standard application process ever will – if they are interested in what I have to offer.

So I will continue to post to my blog about my job search and what I am doing to help make it successful.  My blog(s) have all that wonderful information that I have written, not necessarily for prospective employers, but for those who wish to read it.

I will use the age-old adage:  “What you see is what you  get with me” and yes this is one of those things that I feel very comfortable with doing, even though it goes against many “experts” advice.

If you are interested in my qualifications and experience, please read my About Me page, go to my LinkedIn account, read my other blog “A Veteran Runnah” or better yet ask me by contacting me directly – by clicking here.

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