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Initial Impressions–Nike Free Run+3

Nike FreeI was so impressed with my Nike Free 4.0 that I ordered another pair of Nike Free’s. Personally, I don’t like having the exact same model twice in a row (I know everyone is different), I want a slightly different shoe to alternate with, so I ordered the Nike Free 3.0 v4 or so I thought.

Wrong Shoes

When I got my new Nike Free’s in tonight, I was a little disappointed. I opened the box and inside were the Nike Free Run+3 8MM drop, not the 3.0’s with a 4MM drop. When I double-checked the order, Nike had sent what I ordered –

In other words I screwed up!!!!!

I attribute this mistake that I made – (I take full responsibility for it), directly to how screwed up the Nike Free naming system is.

It is confusing trying to figure out which Free shoe is which Free style 4MM drop, 6MM drop, 8MM drop, etc., go to the website and you will really see what I mean. When the shoe’s name don’t have any connection or there are several other models with similar names to the style shoe you are buying, other than it is a Nike Free Running shoe, it makes it easy to order the wrong shoe.


Enough whining and complaining – sometimes things happen for a reason and while I am going in the other direction than I expected from a 6MM to an 8MMdrop, instead of to a 4MM running shoe – I think that I will keep them.


Looking at the wear pattern on my Nike Free 4.0 that have a 6MM drop, I land on my heal a lot more than I thought. I don’t know if this is the difference between a 4MM to the 6MM drop shoe or more that I am running longer distances and when I get tired I tend to revert to heel landing.

If that is the case then it might be better to have a little more cushioning in the heel, as I continue to increase my mileage in anticipation of training for a marathon. I know that this line of reasoning is blasphemy to the lower drop and proper form crowd, but as much as I might work on my form, it seems as though I still tend to land on my heels.

Also to be honest I just like the looks of the Free Run+3, a lot better than the Free 3.0 4MM drop. I know vanity doesn’t help with actual running, but sometimes it is okay to like what is on your feet too Smile.


Here are some photos of my Nike Free Run+3 shoes.




I took them for a walk without wearing socks and they felt very comfortable.

When I looked at the shoes very closely, there were no noticeable defects with the shoes and all the seams and stitching was properly done. I have a feeling that they will have problems with small rocks getting stuck in the sole area.

The reality is that the Nike Free Run+3 is a good shoe too. I will put them in my shoe rotation starting on Saturday or take a short 2.0 miler after my scheduled 5.0 miler tomorrow. I will be going over 200 miles on my Nike Free 4.0 v2 tomorrow and will be doing a 2oo mile review afterwards.

I am looking forward to that first run to see how it goes.



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