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Updating the Theme

What’s going on?

Under Construction 6-27-12

I have been trying different themes as I approach my 6 month anniversary of blogging on as my blog host. To attempt to give A Veteran Runnah a slightly different look.

The old theme was boxy and a little boring to me. Each of the others that I have tried so far were, well not quite what I am looking for and this current one while it is close – I am still not sure that it is just what I want.

Over the course of this week I will be experimenting with different themes to see which one I should be using starting 1 July and that I will be keeping for a while or at least until I move from to a self-hosted solution, sometime in the fall.

Yes I have decided that I will be going that route, was great for what I wanted initially, but I am now finding it limiting and have had to pass-up a few opportunities that I might have taken if I had been self-hosted.

So please be patient while I keep trying out some of the different themes that has to offer and if I have one up that you really, really like or dislike please let me know.

Sometimes – at least according to TheWife my tastes in theme design are not always what others would call classic or what others might like to visit.




  1. I love that you are experimenting with different themes. I’m contemplating moving from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. I just need to find the time to think about it! haha. So when I’m ready, I can come and ask you all about it, right?

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