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Bond Brook Exploration Again 6-28-12

Bond Brook Run GPS Map 6-28-12

This morning I was in Augusta doing some stuff around the town, so I figured that I would stop and run the Bond Brook Recreation Area 5K loop. I still don’t really know the course yet and was just guessing on which trails it was on.


Pretty sure that I didn’t even come close – it turned into another Bond Brook exploration run, which was fine too, I like to just bomb around the trails and not really worry about time.


I found the “hill” on the road and what a pain in the butt that was Smile. I know it is not part of the trail, but I wanted to get back up on top before the Thunderstorm rolled in, just as I was finishing the rain came in pretty good and I just missed getting soaked – in other words I got pretty damn lucky, because this was one of those downpours, not a nice gentle rain to run in.

I also found out that they are having a trail orientation session tonight, so I talked with TheWife and I am going back to run the Bond Brook Trails again tonight, but hopefully with someone that know where they are going Winking smile.

RunLog 6-28-12



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