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June was a GREAT Month for Running


Running In May

I am making fantastic progress on my 2012 running goals 🙂


  • Miles Run: 196.6
  • Days Run: 27
  • Days Off: 3
  • Longest Run: 13.3 6/18/12
  • Fastest Run: 8:15  6/18/12 Home to Waterville Concourse Course
  • Best Week:  50.17 week ending 6/30/12 (one more day left in the week 7/1)

Most notable run 6/1812 finished 13.30 in 01:49:44 an 8:15 pace for the half marathon in a training run.

Month in Review 6-30-12

Shoes Run In

  • Nike Free 4.0 v2 – Absolutely love them, I have over 200 miles on these shoes and my knees do not bother me when I run in them. They just feel really great!!!!
  • Nike Free Run+3 – I ordered them by mistake, but now that I have them, I do like them and use them on my shorter runs, although I have run over 10.0 in them. They are a good shoe as well, just a little firmer ride to me.
  • Saucony Kinvara 2 – Have been retired to walking and mowing the lawn.
  • New Balance MT110 – Have been retired to my walking shoes, the soles of my feet bothered me after running the trails at Bond Brook the other day in them
  • Newton Gravity – Are still in the closet, they required too much work (shoe surgery) to make them fit my feet correctly and so that I didn’t keep rubbing my ankle raw. It is too bad because I really like the Newton’s. I might bring them back out and try a short run or two in them, just as a change of pace.

Races Run


Next Scheduled race is:  Rail Trail Half – 6/24/12  I was scheduled to do that race, but TheWife had an event at the same time and I decided to not run the race.

Summary: While I haven’t raced this month, I consider it a great month! I almost broke 200 miles for the month, but I didn’t go back out today and run the 3.5 that I needed to get it – just needed one more day. Maybe next month. Having shoes that don’t hurt my feet/ankles makes a huge difference in how much you want to run.

So far my Nike Free (series) shoes have been great.

This month in a word: Fantastic


I ended May at 153 and today 6/30 the scales read 150 after my run still loosing about two pounds in a month – it doesn’t sound like a lot, but the reality is that it is that 155 was MY GOAL WEIGHT, so it is a huge deal! I am under my goal weight and staying there. I really believe that the number of long runs and mileage that I am putting in is getting the weight down.

I actually fit into a pair of size 30 pants today and didn’t feel too uncomfortable, but have a little too much muffin top still to wear them yet.

46 pounds lost since June 2012


No real injuries this month. The left knee was barking a few times at me (after running on the track), but I don’t think it was anything serious. The right knee is not complaining very often, but I have to be careful to give it rest and a chance to recuperate after a long or hard run. Just have to keep training smart 🙂

Run Blogging

Top Ten Blog Posts for March – based on page views

  1. Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions
  2. Nike Free 4.0 v2 – After 50 Miles
  3. My Transition Plan to Minimalist Running Shoes
  4. First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12
  5. Goals and Failure or is that Success
  6. The New Nike+ Website is Up
  7. First Runs in Nike Free Run +3
  8. Tommie Copper – Is Working
  9. Trying Out Cadence App – 1/26/12
  10. Nike Free 4.0 v2 Over 200 Miles

I have made a couple of decisions and we will see how they turn out over the course of the next month. But I should be doing a lot more blogging and getting back to being who I am really am.

I know that I am very comfortable with the direction that I am heading Smile.


One of the things that I really like to do is to review new gear. Whether I buy something myself or provided a product to review, I enjoy trying it out and seeing if it works as advertised or not. But more importantly – whether I like it or not and why. Blogging about running related products makes me think differently about what I am using – which is a good thing.

I have done the following product reviews this month:

Initial Impressions–Nike Free Run+3 – Personal Purchase

Nike Free 4.0 v2 Over 200 Miles – Personal Purchase

First Runs in Nike Free Run +3 – Personal Purchase

I didn’t have many opportunities to review products this month, but that is okay, I enjoyed just focusing on my running for a change.

FTC Disclaimer – Unless indicated by {Personal Purchase} I was provided products from these companies free of charge, to review them on my blog. I received no monetary or other forms of compensation to do the review. My opinions about each product are my honest observations, based upon my experience while using the product.

Running Goals

A slight change to my goals – is to make sure that I am enjoying running and not letting it become too much like work.

Good progress, while I worked hard at my running, I didn’t allow it to become work. I still look forward to my runs and don’t get too wound up about them if they are not quite what I am looking for that day 🙂

This year my big goals are:

  1. Run 1,200 miles – I am ahead of schedule having a total of 869.5 miles through 6-months.
  2. Run a sub 20:00 5K  – This will be very tough to do, I haven’t ran as many 5K races (or any races for that matter) as I thought that I would, but I have gone to the track a couple of times (but my left knee doesn’t like the track) – so I have to make some choices pretty soon), whether to keep going after this goal or change it to something slower, but longer? Still have to think about it.
  3. Get through 2012 without any significant down time or injuries (running related or others).  Just some aches and strains so far
  4. My unadvertised goals from the start of the year are to be able to finish a half-marathon. I have run a 01:48:59 for a training run and 4 sub 01:50:00 half marathons in a row, it isn’t a question of whether I can finish a half marathon, but more what my time will be on the right course.
  5. Run a few trail races when the weather gets better – I have been running over at Bond Brook Recreation Area and plan to run their 5K Trail Race series during July, August and September. It does feel good to be back on the trails.

My long-term goal will be to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. I finished the 1983 Marathon and to run/finish Marine Corps again 30 years later would be very cool. This is one of the major goals that I have in mind for my running and it would be even more fantastic if I could qualify for Boston that same day. Therefore, I am doing a 2 year work-up to the Marathon distance, just to see if my knee will hold up.

The reality is that

June was another great month for running. I finally got my shoe miseries sorted out and that the Nike Free 4.0 are as great at 300-500 miles as they were in their first 200. There is just something about how I run in them, that feels right.





  1. Wow. What a great month you had…not sure how long the 46 pounds took to lose but you are looking very lean and fit in your photos on the header. So glad you got your shoes woes sorted out too.

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