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Pond Road 10 Miler 6-30-12

P6300015Before I went for my run this morning I looked at the thermometer outside the dining room (on the shady side of the house) and it was already 85 degrees out with bright sunshine.

Usually on Saturdays, I try to do the River Road Loop, but there is no shade along that route and I knew that I would cook if I went that way.

So I did the Pond Road Loop, it is a little flatter, but a bit more traffic, so I wore my bright yellow shirt and flo green/yellow hat today,so the cars would see me. It was a great choice, the heat was at the baking levels in the open, but much more bearable in the shady sections. I chose the right course today.

I am trying to do a little more video blogging, which means that I have to iron out some kinks I have in the equipment that I have on hand to use. It is definitely a different style of communicating than just writing about your run.

However, I am going to keep practicing and know that there will be a big difference in how I present myself in a few months compared to these beginning steps using my laptop’s Webcam and a 6 year old microphone.


Stats from Nike+ Website

Nike Stats 6-30-12

As I said in the video I was very happy with my pace, even though looking up at my splits I wasn’t very consistent and I felt like I bonked pretty hard the last couple of miles.

Even though felt like crap those last 3-4 miles, I was able to keep the pace up a lot better than I thought I was. Just have to remember my Gel Shot or Gu at 5 miles. It does  make a difference for me.

Very happy with how I ran this morning, considering how hot it was, starting to get acclimated to the heat a little.

RunLog 6-30-12

I will be coming out with my June summary, but I just missed 200 miles for the month, mmmm should I go out and do the 3.5 I need or just let it go?

Runner’s problems Smile

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