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Month: June 2012

Change Means – No Change

Over the past couple of weeks I have thought about what comes next, as far as my online footprint and social media presence. In today’s competitive world of job searching, I […]

AVR – Week In Review 6/10/12

It has been a busy couple of weeks, I almost didn’t get this summary published again this week. I have done a lot of running, working on job searching trying […]

The New Nike+ Website is Up

I am an unapologetic fan of Nike. Over the many years I have used their products, I have had very good success with their running shoes, running clothes and other […]

Another 13.1 Miles in the Log 6-5-12

It has been a dismal, rainy and miserable weather for the past few days, flooding has been a problem locally and it is still raining off and on, even though […]

The Real Me Please Stand Back Up

Cross-posted at Professional Crossroads. I have posted this on A Veteran Runnah to let people who follow me heah, know what has gone on and the direction that I am […]

Just Did It 10.0 – 6-2-12

I got my run in before the rains started this morning. It actually was a pretty great day for a run, not too hot – about 55 degrees, a slight […]

Needed This 5.0 Miler 6-1-12

This was one of those days – We are expecting a fairly substantial amount of rain over the next 3-5 days, so we had to do a lot of the […]