Running At UMA in the Rain 7-1-12

P7010004Today was supposed to be a rest day, but after last Thursday’s fiasco on the trails, I had TheWife’s blessing to go get a pair of trail running shoes.

I ended up getting the Adidas Vigor – nope not a top of the line, newest and greatest running shoe or even a minimalist shoe, but I have a feeling that it will more than meet my needs.

Let’s get to it – how was the run.

I went over to the University of Maine @ Augusta, because it was pouring and the trails are not very technical (more like running groomed walking trails), except for a couple of places. If it hadn’t rained, I would have gone to Bond Brook – may later in the week.

The photos are not blurry, it looks this way because of the rain that was pouring down Winking smile.






Actually there are only a couple of places at UMA that I would hesitate about driving my Subaru through and wouldn’t  hesitate much with my truck. So it was an easy course.

I already had 50 miles in for the week, so this was to just run slow, get used to the new shoes and enjoy being on the trails. Actually, if I could have seen better (wearing glasses in the rain is a pain) it would have been a little safer and more fun. But I made it the 3.0 miles in the new shoes that I wanted to get in.

Then as soon as I got home, the sun came out – Murphy’s Law for runners Winking smile.

Here are my Nike Stats for today’s run

Nike Stats 7-1-12

Nope these are not racing flats, but the shoes protected my feet, when I purposely stepped on rocks and there were no hotspot, blisters or discomfort. So overall it was a very good first run in a new pair of trail running shoes.

RunLog 7-1-12

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