Recovery Run–Needed It 7-10-12

P7100001One thing I have learned since I started doing weekly long runs, is that I do need to run the next day. I feel a lot better after the run, especially my legs, especially if I get over the 3.0 mile mark.

As you can see from the picture, today was a gorgeous day – definitely one of the top 10 of the year.  So we drove down to Oxford (about an hour away) to go to our favorite used book store.

Which also meant 2 hours of sitting in a car and my legs feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to them.

Runtastic StatsBy the time I got around to running late this afternoon, I almost, but not quite decided to bag the run.

Then I got to thinking about how much better I would feel – after the run. I knew that my legs really, really needed the movement and that if I just sat down or worked around the house that they would really feel like crap again tomorrow.

The biggest part the day after a long run is that I MUST start out slow, listen to my body, along with all the aches and pains it tells me about over the first couple of miles.

After my body and I have this wonderful conversation and my body loosens up, which usually happens between 2 and 3 miles. I can go at a faster pace.

However, recovery days are for well – recovery, so I usually try to keep it between 8:30 & 9:30, which just seems to be a comfortable pace for me and just let the body tell me what it wants to do.

Runtastic Split Table 7-10-12

Today I had planned on an easy 4.0 which turned into 5.0 and then 6.0. the second half of the run was just so enjoyable.

I used the RunTastic Pro iPhone App and while I like the App better than most, the website is not quite what I am looking for as far as the graphics or tables go, but it does have some nice features that I like during the run, so will try it for a week and see how it goes.

Also I ran in the Nike Free Run +3 again today to see how they do the day after a long run and also because I wanted to put them over the 50 mile mark, so I could do an updated review on them. Coming later this week.

RunLog 7-10-12

Good run and did what I wanted got the body moving and felt a lot better after the run Smile