Friday the 13th–Has Been GREAT

WeatherOkay it is Friday the 13th and so far it has been a great day – gotta love it!!!

Yep it has been HOT, official temps reached 90 degrees and my thermometers in the sun were well over 100, so yes it was HOT. However, the humidity was reasonable, so I didn’t feel like I was swimming when I was running, which was a good thing.

I do believe that I am starting to get acclimated to the heat – I felt pretty darn good running today.

Garmin Stats Middle 7-13-12

Very pleased with this run, I ran in the Nike Free 4.0 v2 and they felt great as usual. I tried to push a little more this morning (it was ‘only’ 84), just to see if I could and I had a few low 8:00’s on a fairly tough course.

This was after last night’s 5k trail race, so I was really happy. For some reason my upper body felt/feels like it had gone 15 rounds with Joe Frazier in his prime? I hurt in places I haven’t hurt in years. They say that you use your upper body a lot more in trail races and the way I feel this morning – I would have to agree Smile.

The only bad thing was the cloud of horseflies around my head on the Blake and Quaker Roads! I know why I wear a hat when running now – wow they were nasty and there were so many. The sun was behind me and I could see all the little shadows around my head’s shadow – not fun, but only got 3-4 bites. The hills, the heat and horseflies slowed me down in that stretch of road, but not as much as usual and I almost broke 9:00 for that area.

Not too bad, but to someone watching me waving my arms around so much – they would have thought I was nuts – well – we won’t go there.

Good – Morning Run!

Garmin Stats Ferguson 7-13-12

My second run was a little slower or so I thought. I didn’t check my timer (I was using the Garmin Fit App), which doesn’t announce the splits and just ran, even though it was probably in the low 90’s when I ran. I was surprised that I had two laps under 8:00 pace.

I also ran in my Newton Gravity’s for the first time since mid May and I guess giving my ankle time to actually heal and the second surgery on the heel cup, seemed to really work this time. No shoe bites to the ankle this time.

It took almost a mile to get used to the style/form necessary to run in the Newton’s again. I might have another pair of running shoes back in the mix again. They are definitely cooler than either of my Nike Free’s are with its open mesh design. However, I didn’t run quietly in these shoes until I got to my 3rd mile, then my body went oh yeah, this is how I use these shoes.

However, running on the Middle Road at this time of the afternoon, is crazy, the traffic is pretty constant and I spent a lot of the time in the shoulder which is tough to run in. That is most of the reason for going from a 7:53 to an 8:53 along with the heat and a little more uphill Winking smile.

Two very good runs on a hot day.

RunLog 7-13-12

So why did I do it – mostly because I can and if I run 10.0 tomorrow, Sunday can either be an off day or a trail run someplace (which I consider a rest day).