The 3H’s Hills, Heat and Humidity = Tough 13.5

P7240154I don’t know what it is about travelling, but all today, I have felt dead tired!

Well now that I am back home, it is time to get back to running longer runs and see how the Altra Instincts do. So of course, I ran 13 plus, which is not exactly what Altra recommends that you do on your 6th run in the Instincts. But I wanted to know how they handled higher mileage.

The run itself was hot (mid 80’s according to the thermometer when I got back) and a lot humid!!! When the sweat is dripping off my hat like drops of rain and my shirt looked like I had gone swimming, I know it was a tough workout.

Without my old iPhone 3G, which I left with my son-in-law to help him get started with his running program, to give me mile splits. I am going back to the old way of doing it – remembering my times at street junctions or natural points.

  • Philbrick/Shepard – 8:00
  • Dinsmore/River – 29:00
  • River/Lyons – 51:21
  • 10 Miles – 01:30:30
  • Final – 01:57:50


The final 5-6 miles, it felt like I really started to slow down. The 3H’s got me: hills, heat and humidity, instead of trying to be a hero and push it, I just wanted to finish, which I did. Definitely, not my fastest half – time, but still under 2:00 hours on a tough course and a tough day, so I was very happy.

Home River Rd Half

How did the Altra Instincts do on the long run? GREAT!

No pain in the feet or calves, my little toe on my right foot didn’t bother until the last mile and I blame the socks more than the shoes. The only issue was a small blister just above my right heel that I got while walking through Logan from Terminal A to Terminal C yesterday, with the shoes way too loose. It got re-aggravated, the blister didn’t hurt or anything today, I just had to pop it again when I got back.

Although the Map program says 13.82, I just counted this run as 13.5 and that is close enough for my purposes.

RunLog 7-24-12