July 2012 Recap

The best thing that happened this month had nothing to do with running, it had to do with going to visit Minnesota to visit my daughter, her husband and my grandkids.


They definitely are boys, climbing and running every where they can. Smile

Running In July 2012


  • July Total Miles Run: 236.0
  • Days Run: 30
  • Days Off: 1
  • Longest Run: 17.0 7/16/12
  • Fastest Run: 7:06  7/28/12 – Peter Golding Memorial 5K, Sidney, ME.
  • Best Week:  56.1 week ending 7/29/12

Most notable run: Peter Golding Memorial 5K – almost broke 7:00 minute pace.

July Summary

Shoes Run In

  • Altra Instinct – I got them in Minnesota when I lost my Free Runs – They were my top rated shoes back in February and I had always wanted to try them out. Here are a couple of posts about them. Altra Instincts First Impressions and 50 Mile Review of Altra Instincts.
  • Nike Free 4.0 v2 – While I really love them, once they got closer to 300 miles on them, my ankles, knees and hips started to ache with that familiar feeling that I have when I need to change out the shoes or run the risk of injury. See my Retiring the Nike Free 4.0 v2
  • Nike Free Run+3 – I pulled a real bonehead one here, I lost them during my trip to Minnesota. Which was too bad because, I just had gotten them broken in and finished a 17.0 mile run without any problems the Monday before.
  • Newton Gravity – I have run in them a couple of times this month and will probably bring them out as my secondary running shoes, now that I have the heel counter cut-down enough so that it does not bother my right ankle. I ran a slow 5.0 in them today and they felt fine.

Races Run

  • Bond Brook 5K Trail Race– 7/12/12
  • Peter Golding Inaugural Memorial 5K Race Recap

Next Scheduled race is:  Bond Brook 5k Trail Race and a 5K in Waterville on 8/11/12

I plan to make a decision by next Monday on whether to try for a fall marathon or not, I want one more long run to see how the knees are holding up.


I ended May at 15- and today 7/31 the scales read 149 after my run – this may not sound like a lot, but the reality is that it is that 155 was MY GOAL WEIGHT, so it is a huge deal! I am under my goal weight and staying there. I really believe that the number of long runs and mileage that I am putting in is getting the weight down.

47 at least pounds lost since June 2012


No real injuries this month. The left knee was barking a few times at me (after my long run), but I don’t think it was anything serious. The right knee is not complaining very often, but I have to be careful to give it rest and a chance to recuperate after a long or hard run. Just have to keep training smart :-)

Run Blogging

Top Ten Blog Posts for March – based on page views

  1. Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions
  2. Nike Free 4.0 v2 – After 50 Miles
  3. First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12
  4. My Transition Plan to Minimalist Running Shoes
  5. Tommie Copper – Is Working
  6. Newton Gravity–After 50 Miles
  7. Running Log Spreadsheet Template
  8. Initial Review & Run in Adidas Vigor TR
  9. Initial Impressions–Nike Free Run+3
  10. Turning 55 and a Race Registration

My personal favorite post this month was: “Do not go Gentle into that Good Night”


One of the things that I really like to do is to review new gear. Whether I buy something myself or provided a product to review, I enjoy trying it out and seeing if it works as advertised or not. But more importantly – whether I like it or not and why. Blogging about running related products makes me think differently about what I am using – which is a good thing.

I have done the following product reviews this month:

  • Initial Review & Run in Adidas Vigor TR – Personal Purchase
  • Nathan Horizontal Hydration Belt Review – Personal Purchase
  • Altra Instincts First Impressions – Personal Purchase
  • Retiring the Nike Free 4.0 v2 – Personal Purchase
  • 50 Mile Review of Altra Instincts – Personal Purchase

I didn’t have many opportunities to review products this month, but that is okay, I enjoyed just focusing on my running and visiting my Grandchildren.

FTC Disclaimer – Unless indicated by {Personal Purchase} I was provided products from these companies free of charge, to review them on my blog. I received no monetary or other forms of compensation to do the review. My opinions about each product are my honest observations, based upon my experience while using the product.

Running Goals

A slight change to my goals – is to make sure that I am enjoying running and not letting it become too much like work.

Good progress, while I worked hard at my running, I didn’t allow it to become work. I still look forward to my runs and don’t get too wound up about them if they are not quite what I am looking for that day :-)

This year my big goals are:

  1. Run 1,200 miles – I am way ahead of schedule having a total of 1,102.6 miles through 7-months.
  2. Run a sub 20:00 5K  – This will be very tough to do, I did run a 22:06 without any real speed training, but this one is going to be a real tough nut to crack if I decide to run a marathon this fall.
  3. Get through 2012 without any significant down time or injuries (running related or others).  Just some aches and strains so far
  4. My unadvertised goals from the start of the year are to be able to finish a half-marathon. I am running 13 to 17 miles at least once a week, it isn’t really a question of whether I can finish a half marathon, but more what my time will be on the right course.
  5. Run a few trail races when the weather gets better – I have and will be doing the Bond Brook Recreation Area 5k Trail Race series.

My long-term goal is to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. I finished the 1983 MCM Marathon and to run/finish Marine Corps again 30 years later would be very cool. This is one of the major goals that I have in mind for my running and it would be even more fantastic if I could qualify for Boston that same day. Therefore, I am doing a 2 year work-up to the Marathon distance, just to see if my knee will hold up.

The reality is that

July was probably the best month I have had of running since probably 1985 (I don’t have my logs from that year unfortunately). I really believe that I probably have even set a monthly Personal Distance Record for a month with the 236 miles for July 2012.

The best part of the month was going to visit my grandchildren, my daughter and her husband (he even started running).

Stuck to the Plan 5.0 Mile Recovery Run 7/31/12

P7310001Today’s run was planned to be a 5.0 mile recovery run, between 45:00 and 50:00 minutes.

Usually, I have a problem with running recovery runs waaaayyyyy to fast, so today, I focused on going slower and pulling back whenever, I started to speed-up.

Guess what?  I did it!!! I finished in 46:46 for the 5.0 miles.

That is a great thing, I actually stuck with my plan to run slower and only do 5.0 miles, even though it was a gorgeous day. Yes I wanted to go faster, yes I wanted to badly add on the extra mile or two, but I didn’t and I my body is liking me Smile now that I didn’t do it.

I definitely needed the run, after yesterday’s long 16 miler. My legs were pretty stiff and sore, especially my right hamstring, but everything feels a lot better now that I got them loosened up a little during this easy run.

I think the easy running is helping me this year. In the past I would have followed some of the “experts” advice and taken a day off after a tough workout like that. I always seemed to be still and sore all the time. Some might call them “junk miles”, but I feel better after the easy junk runs than I do before (when I am stiff and achy).

So I will just keep doing my so-called junk miles, which is something that works for me. Everyone is different and what works or what I like to do might not work for you, but for the first time in many years I am running consistently by having “active” rest days with a few “junk” miles thrown in.

The biggest surprise is that I am actually going out in back of the garage and lifting weights a couple of times a week. I made it out there again today.

And I hate lifting weights. No negative mind-set there – right Winking smile. However, I also know that I need to do some upper body work in order to get better as a runner and do some lower body work to help keep injuries away.

I ran in the Newton Gravity’s just to get a little different motion to my leg muscles. They seemed to help a little and since the last shoe surgery, the heel cup no longer bites my ankle, which is a good thing, because I do like running in my Newton’s. So I am thinking about bringing these back into the rotation again, now that I am able to run in them pain-free.

One thing about the Altra Instinct’s though is I am noticing that my hamstrings are more sore than when I run in my other shoes which have a higher drop. This probably means that I am using my hamstrings more, so I might want to think about working to strengthen them a little more.

Now to get ready for more cardio i.e. lawn mowing and maybe some weed wacking after that.  Gotta keep moving.  Then tonight I get to do my July month in review post and that should be pretty damn good! I have done a couple of things that I haven’t done in years – if ever.

RunLog 7-31-12