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Month: August 2012

No Running is Driving Me Nuts

Today is the third day that I haven’t run and it is driving me freaking nuts!!! It must have something to do with the upcoming full moon . I want […]

Is it Time to Recharge?

I was reading Jen’s – Running with the Girls – “Let’s Call It A Recharge Week, Shall We” blog post from Monday and it really struck a chord with me. […]

Long 13.1 Run Today 8-27-12

Today was a perfect day to run, well when I started it was any way . When I started my long run it was high 60’s, running into a light […]

Saturday Was a Whirlwind Day!!!

I started to write this post on Saturday night, but by the time I got back to the hotel after 9:00 P.M. (the day started before 8:00 A.M.), I was […]

Week In Review 8-26-12

What a fantastic week! I ran in Central Park and crossed it off my Bucket List. I got to meet a lot of great people while I was in New […]

New Clothes and a Huge Surprise

Yesterday, I HAD to go clothes shopping! I had more than a couple of shocks before I came out of the store. For the past year I have been wearing […]

6 Miler and Running Form 8/23/12

Another beautiful day in Central Maine, with all of the stuff that I had to get done today, I didn’t get to run until late afternoon. It was in the […]

Surprise 9 Miler 8/22/12

What a gorgeous day! By the time I got to run it is was in the low 80’s, with bright sun, low humidity and a 5-10 mph breeze. Definitely a […]

Double the Planned Run 8/21/12

I planned on running only 3.0 miles today, but I went up and visited dad and then went out to eat and I had fried clams and French fries. Definitely […]

Week In Review 8-19-12

This was a ramp-up week, to get back up where I want – around 45 miles for the week, after my cut-back last week and I actually did it. The […]

Trails and Track Today 8-19-12

Today was supposed to be an easy day and I decided to run over on the Colby Trails (upper and lower). I wasn’t sure about how far I would run, […]

Comfortable 5.0 Miler 8/17/12

This morning was a beautiful morning for a run 60’s, sunny and low humidity. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to run this morning and ended up running later in the afternoon […]