Recharging is Done – I Ran 3.1 Today! 9/1/12

IMG_0233I ran today!!! Yes by golly gumdrops – I ran and it didn’t hurt.

I know, I know it is a day early, but it was so gorgeous out that I just had to run.

You know – one of those days with low humidity, high 60’s, bright sunshine and a light breeze out of the North – an almost perfect day for running.

This week due to my self-imposed 4 days off, I have missed 4 of the best running days (weather-wise) in a long time and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I don’t believe that one day was going to make too much of a difference – as long as I wasn’t stupid about my run.

Also I got to thinking last night – I know a dangerous thing.

The Adidas Adizero Sonic 3’s are a good shoe and I can run in them without too many issues. However, something is missing/lacking/different and I just can’t put my finger on, that makes me uncomfortable running in them.

After I read my old RunLog entries yesterday, I figured out that I ran great in my Newton Gravity’s, except for the heel counter cutting into my ankle. Since the shoe’s heel counter reduction surgery that has not been a problem.

Based on my RunLog entries and my lack of enthusiasm for the Sonic 3’s, (along with a lack of funds to go buy a pair of Mizuno Ronin 4’s).  I have decided that I will run my runs in the Newton Gravity’s this week to see how they feel and do now.

One thing I did notice about the Gravity’s when running in them today is how they reward me for running with better form and when I start to break down or get sloppy, I can tell quickly that I am. This if nothing else about the Newton’s is a huge benefit of running in them.

The run itself was great!

My legs didn’t feel like lead weights or that somebody had beat on my hamstrings or hip with a rubber hose. The right hip still felt a little off, but there was no discomfort during the steady 3.1 miles or when I did 4 150 yard pickups at a sub 7:00 mile pace – I know running fast was not supposed to happen, but I needed to know if things were going to hurt – they didn’t Smile.

My splits for the 3.1 were:

  1. 6.06
  2. 6:06 – 12:12
  3. 5:59 – 18:12
  4. 5:38 – 23:50

Each split is very close to .8 mile and I take a tenth off at the end just to call it good. I was very happy with the run, I had a little snap in my step, maintained good form, corrected it quickly when I got sloppy and was able to run well without really pushing hard.

The 4 days off from running helped me heal most of the minor aches and pains that had accumulated after a tough summer that had a lot of running. If you are like me and had accumulated a lot of minor aches and pains this summer and just feel tired. I strongly recommend that runners take a few days off, which is more than a couple, just to let your body recuperate and recharge.

I know that I couldn’t wait to run today and it felt great to be back at it.

One thing I am going to be very careful of is that I am going to ramp up slowly on my mileage. I plan to keep it between 30-35 miles next week and see how the body feels, before I go increasing it any. Also I don’t plan to run a long run for a couple of weeks.

However, with the fall racing season upon us, I really want to run a little faster. I think that my mileage base is pretty decent, so now I am purposely going train a little faster and start going to the track on Tuesday or Wednesdays for speed work and drills. The only way I know to run faster in races, is to run faster in training.

I would really like to have a fast 5K and a quick 1/2 Marathon in October.

The reality is that

Sometimes you just have to shut it down and rest a little, if you want to keep improving. Constantly pushing to do more, is not an effective way to run better. I know this, but sometimes in my wanting to just run, I forget the importance and healing power of resting too.

Here is to those 4 days off and hopefully an injury free fall running season Smile.

RunLog 9-1-12

  • Have you ever forced yourself to take more than a couple of days off from running, even though you could have run?
  • How hard was it for you to do that?
  • Did you feel better after taking the time off?
  • Are you ready for the fall running season?