Week In Review–9/2/12

IMG_0230This week was highlighted by taking 4 days off to rest my hamstrings and right hip. I have been fighting these and other little aches and pains for the past 3 weeks or so, and I just got tired of hurting every time I ran.

So I took some time off and am coming back slowly with 3.1 yesterday and 4.0 today. Although I am trying to run a bit quicker than I have in the past.

I definitely needed the time down and I am feeling a lot better during my runs than I was!

Also today I decided to publicly announce my major running goal for 2013 – to run the Marine Corps Marathon, but here is the kicker to go for a sub 03:30:00 and qualify for Boston. It was a big deal to make this decision public, but at the same time it will keep me honest.

I also started to really do my stretches every night and am trying to do a plank a day. Yes I am moving to do more than just running Smile.

Running Summary This Week

Week In Review 9-2-12

This week in two words: Run Week

Top 10 Posts

Here are my top ten posts for the past week based on page views:

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  5. The New Nike+ Website is Up
  6. Is it Time to Recharge?
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  9. First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12
  10. Long 13.1 Run Today 8-27-12


For some reason at the start of the week I got down to 145 for a day, but for the most part I bounced between 147 and 149. Which I still think is great, since my goal weight for the year was 155!  Even going down to New York City and eating differently than usual, I stayed under 150, so that was pretty good.


No real injuries, but I have experienced a lot of discomfort in my hamstrings and right hip – enough to make me shut it down for 4 days. The time off, seemed to help and I am hoping that it does make a difference and I can be running without the discomfort. I continued to use a rolling-pin on my hip and while it was painful as hell, but after I get done, my hip does feel better.

Running Shoes

Adidas Adizero Sonic 3

The Sonic 3 are doing a great job, but they just seem slower, for the amount of effort that I am putting into the run. They are an 75% shoe, they do most every thing good enough, but not anything really well. They are an all purpose shoe and if I had to use only one pair of shoes to do everything, these are a pair that I would definitely take a close look at. But as a specific purpose shoe such as a race or trail shoe, I don’t think they quite do what I want.

Altra Instinct

In the closet for a few of weeks, until my hamstrings and hips are completely feeling better and then I will run my shorter runs in them, to see if the problems I encountered were caused by the zero drop or if it was something else. I do like the shoe and miss running in them and am looking forward to getting them back out of the closet.

Adidas Vigor TR

No runs in them this week.

Newton Gravity

Today I ran 4.0 miles and didn’t push real hard and yet was able to run at an 8:11 pace and a little faster if I focused on running faster. I have been running in my old Newton Gravities and I am starting to remember, why I liked them so much – now that they don’t cut into my ankle. I feel fast in them and they reward me when I run with good form and let me know when I am not

Running Goals

I reviewed my 2012 running goals 2012 Mid-Year Goal Review and Update and updated them.

The reality is that

the 4 days off have been been a good thing, my hamstrings and hip are getting better and I am starting to run a lot more comfortably. I still notice them a little when I am going at a faster pace, but it is not at the level it was a couple of weeks ago or even early last week.

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