The Power of “I WILL”!

P8290056In my post New Blog Focus–2013 Marine Corps Marathon, I announced publicly my goal of running a sub 3:30 at the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon.

In that post, I didn’t allow myself to use words like: if I can, attempting, maybe, possibly or the dreaded “try”.

What is trying?

My definition: Trying is making an attempt to do something, it doesn’t mean that you will succeed or that you need to overcome obstacles to do what you set out to do. Using “try’ means that you have the excuse that I “tried” when you don’t succeed.

Therefore, shouldn’t I just try to prepare for MCM 2013? That way if I don’t succeed I can say that “I tried”.

All too often in the past I know that I have used the excuse “well I tried”, after a race or something else in my life. When in fact I didn’t do as much as I should have to either prepare or push myself to finish or do what I had originally set as my goal.

Therefore, I am not trying to prepare for that MCM 2013!

Yoda Wisdom

I have always been a Star Wars fan and this scene is one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, at times I forget Yoda’s advice and simply try, instead of do.

The Power of “I Will”

I will prepare properly for MCM 2013 and I will run the race in under 3:30:00

No I am not arrogant or cocky, but I am confident that I will succeed in my MCM 2013 goal and I have purposely stopped using language that subconsciously sabotages my efforts or gives me an excuse to fail.

In other words I am not giving myself any outs or excuses that “I tried” and didn’t succeed.

The reality is that

the words we use, when we talk about something that we want to do are very, very powerful! If we use the words that convey indeciveness, instead of “I will do it”, are we subconsciously conveying the message to ourselves and others that as long as we “tried” that is good enough?

All too often, I believe that is the case. I know that it has been that way in my life, there have been too many things that I have gone into with the idea that I would “try” to do it and wasn’t successful, but it was okay because I tried.

I have reached the point in my life where trying is not enough, instead I am going to do more and if I am not successful the first time around, I will look for the why I didn’t succeed and work on changing what needs changing to be successful.

This is one of those things, that I learned about myself over the last year and I know it will make a big difference in how I look at and do what I set out to do.

Final Thoughts

Which words are you using when you set your goals or think about things you want to get done?

  • The language of ummm, maybe, possibly, or I will try?
  • What would happen if you started to say I can or I will?

Success or failure often is all about the words you use, it sets the tone and attitude for what you actually do.

What do you think?

If in future posts, you see me using the dreaded words of indecision or try, please call me on it.