Quick 7.0 miles and Looking at Piriformis Syndrome

Temp 9-8-12The weather outside was not bad, but the humidity was almost 90%, which made for a nasty run and the wind was in my face most of the way back.

Today was supposed to be a 10.0 mile run and with everything going on with my hip and hamstring (although I am pretty sure it is not my hamstrings – Dr. Google has figured it out – I think). I am pretty sure that what I am battling is Piriformis Syndrome.

I know I am not a Doctor and can’t make medical diagnosis, but it is my body and all the symptoms really point in that direction. I had a feeling it was something more than just a pulled hamstring.

Oh well, the stretches that I found online really seemed to help and I ran fairly well today, with a lot less discomfort than I have been having. So everything kind of fits together.

Piriformis Muscle Group Image

Screenshot from

From <http://www.thestretchinghandbook.com/archives/piriformis-syndrome.php&gt;

Piriformis muscle group image from
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
by G.J. Tortora and N.P. Anagnostakos.

Since I felt better and wasn’t running as far today, I decided to try for a little up tempo run, not quite at race pace (sub 8:00), but not dawdling either. Here are my splits:

  • Mile 1.0 – 8:13 – Felt pretty good and didn’t really push it
  • Wildwood Road – 16:17 (8:04) – Usually don’t do well on this segment, felt good.
  • Trailer by Corn field – 24:33 (8:15)
  • Goodhue Road – 27:05 (2:32)
  • Notta Road – 33:49 (6:43)
  • 1.0 Mile Left – 45:34 (11:44)
  • House Mail Box – 54:19 (8:45)
  • Half Mile – Howard Loop – 58:11 (3.51)
  • Overall pace of 8:12

Overall, I was very happy with the run and surprised myself at how good it felt. However, I did really work on keeping my form nice and tight and kept using the Newton mantra of “Land – Lever – Lift”.

Now that I think that I have figured out what is wrong with my butt cheeks and doing the stretches. I really hope that I will start to run more comfortably. Truth be told I should probably be off for a couple of weeks to really let things heal, but that will have to wait until November, but I am gong to start going to see my massage therapist again.

RunLog 9-8-12