My Final Bond Brook 5K Trail Race

Tonight was kind of bittersweet. It was my last race of the Bond Brook 5K Race Series for this year. I know that there is one more race next Thursday at 6:00 P.M., but I have a “you will attend event” for my wife’s work, so I will miss it. I have a feeling I would rather run the race, but sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.

August Trails - Finish

I have really enjoyed this trail race series at lot!!!! The people who ran the events were great and the other runners that I have met were fantastic. I have also learned a lot and realized that racing isn’t that bad. Which is something that I needed and I feel a lot more comfortable lining up at the starting line of a race than I used to and I give a lot of the credit to this trail race series and the people that I have competed with during the race.

But the best part of this races series was that it was:


That was the most important thing that I learned during this series was that running a race didn’t have to be a stressful thing, with all the great expectations that I used to put on myself. So if I take nothing else away from this series, I will have that.

Besides trail running is getting in my blood and I plan to do a lot more of it.

Tonight’s race though, I just didn’t feel right, I tried an experiment in what I ate before the race and really wish that I hadn’t, my stomach was off a bit. I went out pretty slowly and then coming down one of the hills, I went ass over tea kettle and even though I got right back up, I just felt off for the next few minutes. When I got my stride back, it wasn’t the same pace.

I wasn’t the only one that fell, one of the women, who I have been competing with all summer, fell about 1/2 mile later and while she was okay, it did slow her down enough that I caught up and passed her and held her off during the last quarter.

The good news was that I set a new course PR, by 2 seconds. I really thought that I was slower than last time, but I wasn’t. The bad news, I didn’t break 26:00 like I really wanted to. Three things I learned tonight:

  • Don’t eat a certain thing before running, it bothers my stomach
  • Wear trail running shoes, when running trail races – they do make a difference
  • When you fall, push yourself to get back to your pace as fast as possible, if you aren’t hurt. Otherwise you loose too much time.

Overall, a good race, a course PR and learning what to do next time.

RunLog2 9-13-12

Easy Morning Run & Travel Planning for #RWHalf

I went into Augusta to drop off my Rise “N Shine 5K race registration for September 28th and while in town, I stopped by the rent-a-car place to see how much it would cost to rent a vehicle for a week

That way I can do some price comparison’s between flying or driving to the Runner’s World Half and Event in Pennsylvania. In case you haven’t noticed I am very excited about going to run and blog about this event, but there is no way I am driving my old 1999 Dodge Dakota that far, with the cost of gas over $4.00 a gallon and the lack of reliability it has shown lately.

There are just a lot of logistics to consider when doing a race that is almost 500 miles away and one of those things includes figuring out travel costs and which way is the best way, especially when the travel and lodging costs are coming out of the savings account. Smile

Plus when I have time I prefer to go and do things face-to-face instead of over the computer, it is easier to ask questions and get answers a little quicker or special rates that you wouldn’t have known about just doing the online reservation system.

After all that I needed to get out and stretch my legs.

Something told me that I needed to check out the Bond Brook 5K course, because I haven’t run it in a while and I am glad that I did. They changed it slightly from the last time that I ran there and if I had been running it in the race tonight and not known about it, this change would have really discombobulated me!

From what I could see they took out the last single track (take a right instead of straight ahead) and added more ski trail (area to pass) during the last mile. I don’t know if I will like it or not, because I like the single track sections the best, but it is what it is.

I enjoyed the easy run and tried out my Altra Instincts on the trail. They did pretty good, however, they are a great road shoe that can be used on simple trails and are not a real trail shoe. For my purposes I wouldn’t want to run a long run in them on more technical trails – they didn’t do quite so well on the muddy/sandy sections of the course and on the wet grassy areas they made things a little “interesting” – after all they are a road shoe.

If I was going to do trails a lot in the Altra’s, I would get the Lone Peak’s and have at it.

Very busy morning to say the least and now time to do yard work and get ready for the Bond Brook 5K Trail Race tonight.

RunLog1 9-13-12