Still Just a Little Competitive–9/15/12

P9150012Today was the first day that it felt and looked like fall, when I was running this afternoon, which must have fueled my competitiveness this afternoon.

There was a breeze out of the north, leaves were blowing in some sections of the road down-back and there was a crispness to the air, which felt great to be running in.

I had planned for a slower run today and just took it easy going out to Goodhue Road my turn-around. When I got to the cornfield, I heard footsteps behind me and when I gave a quick look and saw another runner in a white shirt and black shorts coming up quickly behind me.

He easily passed me, which was okay and I was going to just let him go, since I was only doing an easier run today. When turned to see who was passing he looked younger, late teens, early twenties and there was an white-haired guy pacing him on a mountain bike. He just grunted when I said hi as he went by.

About 20 yards after he passed me, he slowed down, to a pace faster than I had been going, but no where near as fast as he had been when he passed me.

Still Competitive

This sparked my competitiveness (now I am just a wee bit competitive).

Over the years I have learned when someone passes me and then they slow down right after passing, that they have used a lot of energy to get by me and maybe I can re-pass them. Also, I guess I didn’t like the way, he just “grunted” at me when he went by. So I picked up my pace and quickly gained ground back, on him and the guy who was pacing him on a bike.

It didn’t take me very long before I caught back up to him and for the next few miles, I stayed on his shoulder. Which I don’t think made him too happy, because neither him or the guy on the bike said a word to me or each other. I asked myself “What to hell, I was doing?” and several times I thought about dropping back to my original pace. But the way they acted around me, and with him throwing in surges every so often, just made me want to keep in contact – damn stubborn old guy that I am Winking smile.

When we got back by the house with the dogs, I warned him that there were loose dogs ahead and crossed the road, he kept running on the side, but when he saw the pit-bull laying in the driveway, he crossed over to the other side too. The dogs must be getting used to me running by, they just looked up watched us go by and didn’t even bother to bark this time.

At this point, I had surged ahead by about 5 yards and instead of dropping back, I decided to push the pace a little myself, from Bartlett Road to the dirt road, I opened it up to about 10 yards and as we went up the little hill there I kept opening up space between us and I could hear them back there talking to each other. They turned off at Blake Road and I went straight and decided to slow down, actually I was kind of relieved, I really didn’t want to push up Steven’s Hill today, so the last part of my run – I just relaxed.

I really don’t know what got into me, keeping up with this young guy – who I am sure could have blown my doors off, if he had really wanted to, but it completely changed the complexion of my planned workout, which became about a 3.0 mile tempo run, inside of a 7.1 mile run. Oh well, I might be getting older, but some of that competitive fire still comes out from time-to-time.

Overall, I felt pretty comfortable during the entire run and even when I was on the guy’s shoulder and he was throwing in surges every so often, I kept up with him without working that hard. My hamstrings, periformis and hips felt pretty good, in fact I didn’t notice them very much until I slowed back down.

Good run and a few minutes faster than I expected.

My splits were:

  • Mile 1.0 – 8:22
  • Notta Road – 20:54 (12:31)
  • Mile 3.0 – 25:34 (4:40)
  • Goodhue Road – 28:17 (2.42)
  • Wildwood Road Return 37:53 (9:36)
  • Mile 1.0 Return – 45:40 (7:46)
  • House Mail Box – 54:52 (9:11)
  • Howard Circle – 59:01 (4:09)

RunLog 9-15-12