Dreams Do Come True

NY Photo 1Today I’m very excited to announce that I will be partnering with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as a contributor to their new Real Health website and blog.

I will be publishing blog posts and vlogs (yes I will be doing video blogs too) to Real Health, every Tuesday. That means my first post titled, Unfinished Business – Part 1, will be published tomorrow and I hope everyone takes the time to read it.

I bet you can’t tell that I am pretty darn excited about all of this – can you! Open-mouthed smile

Introducing Real Health

Below is a video of the Real Health Contributors talking about our health goals on the first day that we met.

As part of becoming a Real Health Contributor, along with the others, I will get to share my personal commitment to good health and progress towards my current fitness goal – to run the Marine Corps Marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

My First Real Health Video

Check out my first video and let me know what you think or what you’d like to see more of from me and/or the rest of the Real Health team.

My Real Health contributor’s page is http://bit.ly/hshawjr and there you can read my bio, current or past posts, subscribe to my posts at Real Health, link to the other contributor’s pages and the Real Health Homepage.

Important Links:

The reality is

I know that finding the time or the motivation to be healthy can be a challenge. Hopefully, as you read my story and the other Real Health Contributor’s stories, that they help motivate you to choose your own health and fitness goals too!

I hope you will enjoy the Real Health site and blog, as much as I am going to enjoy contributing to it.

Yes this is the project that has taken up so much of my time lately, why I went to New York City and the reason I haven’t been on social media sites as much as I have been in the past. As I get used to my new schedule of writing and doing video blogs, I will get back to being active on my social media sites again.

Yes dreams do come true, but usually only when you have done a lot of work to make them a reality Smile.

24 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Harold!! I’m so excited for you! This is so awesome and you are such an incredible inspiration. And I love hearing your voice too! Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  2. Wow Harold! Congratulations!! This is so not the NYC ballet company! I will read/listen/reply more when I get home from work!! Congrats!!

  3. I am a social media manager with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I just want to quickly say how thrilled we are to have you Harold on the Real Health team. Kate, I am glad you liked your dad’s video. Your dad is already an inspiration to many, especially in Maine. We at Anthem want to make sure people hear his story from sea to shining sea.

  4. Harold that is so great! I very excited for you and feel kind of special because I “know” you.. 😉 I totally agree that the online gaggle of friends is very supporting both for physical motivation and mental, as well as knowledge. Again very happy for you. Rock it!

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