Wanted Double Digits Today 9-20-12

P9200009Believe it or not, I did a rest day yesterday! I am starting to get into my new running schedule and hopefully it works out pretty well.

Today I was supposed to do 6.0 easy, but with the temps just getting out of the 40’s a little while before I started to run, I thought that I would do the River Road Loop. I haven’t done that course in a long time, just felt like I needed to go a little longer today.

I also said that I was going to do an easy run…now 10+ miles is not easy peasy, but as long as I was between 8:45 and 9:00 I would be really happy. My splits for the course were:

  • Shepard Road – 8:07
  • Middle Road 1 – 13:28 (5:20)
  • River Road – 29:25 (15:56)
  • Lyons Road – 52:05 (22:40)
  • Middle Road 2 – 01:07:59 (15:53)
  • ??? – 01:12:26 (4:21)
  • Blake Road – 01:12:26 (4:27)
  • One Mile to Go – 01:19:54 (7:28)
  • My Mail Box – 01:28:53 (8:58)
  • Last Mile – 01:37:34 (8:41)

The average pace of 8:52 was right in the range that I wanted so and I could kept going at that pace for quite a bit longer. No today was about continuing to build my mileage base and work on not running like a penguin with my right leg/foot. I accomplished that pretty well, since this was the best my hip has felt since July and the hamstrings/periformis only complained a little on the hills.

I won’t be running as fast for a while, since I am working on my form issues, but damn it felt good to not be uncomfortable when running! Hopefully this will help solve many of the issues that I have had lately or at least minimize them. The tough part is getting the muscles/tendons to go along with this change, there will be some adjustments as I get used to using them in different ways than I have for a while.

We have a lot of turkeys (the real ones, not just the human ones) in our area and there was a small flock over on the Lyons Road, that stopped and took a picture of.


The Newton’s continue to work really well and I am impressed with how I feel during and after the run, while I am running them.

RunLog 9-20-12