Great Photo and Nice 6.0 Miler 9/21/12


The above picture was one I took while on a short walk with Bennie on a trail about 3.0 miles from the house, it is one of the best pictures that I have ever taken Smile.

Back to the run, I wanted to run a little faster than my usual training pace today, on my hilly 5.0 mile course. The 8:10 pace was close to what I wanted, but I just petered out on the two hills on the dirt road down-back. It was less feeling bad and more loosing focus, so that is something that I really have to get better at – maintaining focus.

My splits were:

  • Shepard Road – 7:25
  • Middle Road – 12:27 (5:02)
  • M&A Repair Shop – 20:04 (7:36)
  • Blake Road – 25:59 (5:55)
  • Mile 4.0 – 32:42 (6:43)
  • My Mailbox – 41:15 (8:32)
  • Philbrick/Howard Lap 49:01 (7:45)

Mile 4.0 to My Mailbox in 8:32 was the second fastest I have run it this year, so I was happy with that even if it was one of the toughest (for me) parts of the course. Once I got back on the tar, I picked it back up again and got under 8:00.

With my running style of pushing off with my toes, I have worn through the sole of my Gravities in the very front of my left foot, now that I am through in this area, it will probably start to wear a lot faster in this area. So I am going to need to look at another pair of daily trainers.

I can either go with the Adidas or Altra’s or look a lot closer at something else.

However, the Altra’s are going to require a lot of form work on my part and I only have a month before my #RWHalf Marathon, so I don’t know if that would be a great idea right now. I really don’t want to decrease the amount or intensity of my running workouts until that is over.

The Sonics just seem a little slow to me, they are fine if I am not trying for a fast paced workout, but I am trying to get my pace up and these shoes, don’t seem to be a fast shoe for me.

Luckily, I can probably get another few weeks or more out of the Newton’s, before they start to have problems because of this wear pattern that my present running form causes. However, if I do change shoes for training, I am going to have to make a decision next week or two, so I have time to wear them for a couple of weeks before the Runner’s World Half Marathon on October 21st.

Have you looked at your shoes to see if they are going to be up to running a half, a full marathon or other major race for you, over the course of the next month or so. If you are around 300 miles on your shoes or if you have worn through the outsole someplace, you might want to look into getting another pair of shoes before your last long run or at least 2-3 weeks before your race, to get used to them before your race/event.

RunLog 9-21-12