Giving Back and a Crappy 10 Miler 9/22/12

IMG_0396Today was one of those great days.

It wasn’t all about me or my running, it was about making an offer to help out the Cross Country Coach at a small local commuter college in Augusta and my offer being accepted. Smile

This is just part of my trying to give back to running in a little way, instead of just going out and thinking about just me and my running.

I know that I enjoyed watching some of the next generation of runners here in Maine, run this morning over at the Unity College Invitational. Some were very fast, some were pretty fast, but all of them including the ones who finished at the back of the pack this morning were all faster than I am now.

Which is both humbling and at the same time motivating – I won’t let the young’uns pass me by without their having to work their butts off Winking smile. It is happening, but still…not gonna make it easy.

Watching people running is a lot different from participating and having a reason to watch them is a lot more fun, than just watching random runners in a race. I have a feeling that I will enjoy this new chapter in my running career.

Sometimes there is more to running, than just running – sometimes we have to think about those who are coming up the pipeline behind us and extend a hand to help them if we can Smile.

After I got home, I got to do my running.

I decided to run a little longer today than I originally planned and went 10. It was a mistake!

I was beat and while I made the whole run, it sure wasn’t a very fast one and I never really found my stride the entire way. It was one of those “I did it runs” that you put in the bank to say I can tough out those crappy runs that we all have sometimes.

My Newton’s have developed a click every time I land, which was annoying as hell. I don’t know if that distraction was enough to throw me off or what, but I know that my focus wasn’t really on the run. The whole way I was wondering what was wrong with the shoe? Nothing I could see, but I couldn’t get rid of the clicking noise!

It was a good day of running, even though my run wasn’t the greatest. I just felt really good about the helping out and making it through a 10 miler even though I wasn’t to into it today.

RunLog 9-22-12

What are you doing to give back to running?

Is it time?