Double Workout and Good Runs 9/24/12

Today was a pretty unusual day for me, early in the day I decided that I wanted to do a double workout.

The Runner’s World 5K and Half Marathon are less than a month away and I have to figure out what shoes I will be wearing during those races.

In the first run I wanted to find out if my Newton’s were coming to the end of their reign as my primary running shoes and during the second run I wanted to find out if my Altra’s would bother me on a faster paced run, where I focused on my form, while trying to go under an 8:00 minute pace with tired legs.


That awful clicking noise that the Newton’s were making on Saturday thankfully wasn’t there today! If it had been, they would have been retired tonight. So that part was good, however I have been starting to notice more discomfort in my knees lately when running in them and this feeling of discomfort are the ones that I have come to associate with a pair of shoes that are no longer providing the protection from the flaws in my running form especially on the longer runs.

Today’s run my knees were noticeably more sore during the run than they have been in the past.

The run felt pretty good, but I just never really got into a good rhythm and struggled to maintain good form. It was one of those runs that you just do, put it in the log and move on to the next one. Nothing special and nothing bad, just a decent run at a steady pace.


I wanted to see if the Altra Instinct’s bothered me in any way, while I was running faster in them this afternoon. I had gotten done the first run at about 12:15 and then shoveled 5 wheelbarrows of manure into the spring garden, so my legs were good and tired by the time I ran.

My lap splits were (each lap is .8):

  • 1 – 6:29
  • 2 – 12:30
  • 3 – 18:31
  • 4 – 24:33

For 3.2 total miles at a 7:40 pace and a pretty happy runner. My legs were definitely tired, but I didn’t feel the pain in my knees like I had in the morning, so that part was good news. The other good news was that I felt a lot more comfortable maintaining a good pace in the Altra’s today than I did yesterday. It was a very good steady paced run, not a race pace tempo run, but still a good one.

That being said I am still leery about using them for my long runs. When I get tired my form deteriorates and I revert to a heel landing running style. Unfortunately, the Altra’s are not as protective as other shoes are for this style of running. So it is something that I will be working on in the future. However, for shorter runs, they seem to be doing a great job.

RunLog 9-24-12

Overall I learned a lot today about my shoes and how my body is reacting to them Smile. I have a feeling that the Newton’s are just about done and I am going to need a pair of running shoes that I can use for my long runs.

I can always use the Adidas Adizero Sonic 3’s that I have in the closet as a bridge shoe, they don’t bother me on the long runs, other than they just feel slow. But they will give me a chance to figure out what shoes I will want to finish up my training for the #RWHalf in a month and run in during that half marathon.

I need to figure this out by next Wednesday, so I can have some time to run in the shoes that I will be running in during that race.

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