The Hardest Part of Running is Not Running

I think the title sums up my feelings pretty well. For me the hardest part of running is not running, especially when I could if I needed to.

No it isn’t that I can’t run, it is that I have CHOSEN not to run until at least this Saturday, which will be 10 consecutive  days off from running.

What in the world are you doing Harold?

You love to run, no matter what!

During the Runner’s World Festival 5K and Half Marathon (WOW! I can’t believe that it has been almost 2 weeks) my hamstrings told me in no uncertain terms they were done.

To be honest they have been bothering me since August, never quite enough to completely shut it down for a long period, but always there, causing a little/lot of discomfort, but not what I would consider getting into the pain category, until the Runner’s World Half Marathon. When the wheels came off over the last 5.0 or so miles of the RW Half, I knew that they needed the rest and promised them that if they got me to the finish, I would give them the rest they deserved.

I went back on my word and ran an easy 3.0 on the treadmill on Monday, took the day off Tuesday and when I tried to run an easy 5.0 miles the following Wednesday, they were still hurting and telling me that “you promised”, so I cut the run short and had to make some choices.

  • Keep running and continue to put up with the discomfort, until it became a full-fledged injury and then shut it down involuntarily
  • Stop running and let my body heal (mentally and physically)

I stopped and listened to what my body wanted to do and chose option 2.

I haven’t run since then!

Great Training Cycle

I have had a after a GREAT training cycle that has lasted pretty much the whole year, which was also way too long and I know it. Over the year I have increased my mileage to between 40 and 60 miles a week, with a LOT of double-digit runs, some speed work (started going to the track again regularly in September), so my body has been trying to tell me it needs some rest and I have ignored it, especially while training for the Runner’s World Half Festival.

Now is time for me to actually listen.

Running Rest Streak

This is day 7 of my giving my body a break rest streak and it is getting harder and harder to just not go out and run. My legs are feeling GREAT (just a few twinges once in a while), I have that “I want to run” attitude, but I still want to get to the 10 consecutive days of rest, that I know my body still really needs.

This running rest streak is also why, I have not been posting my daily RunLog entries. No running, no entries, well that is not true, as you can see below, there are plenty of DNR (Did Not Run) entries.

As you can see, I have kept walking and have been doing stuff around the house like rototilling the gardens, moving wood, etc., but otherwise I have been doing a lot of resting of my legs.


Yesterday afternoon I also went and treated myself to a GREAT deep tissue message. I used the masseuse that I used for a long time when my knee was really bad. She is very knowledgeable and definitely got my attention when she was working on the hamstrings and a few other places that I didn’t realize were bothering me, until she broke up a lot of the build-up that was in my muscles.

I know it worked well because last night I had a hard time keeping my eyes open and even fell asleep during the 1st quarter of the Celtics game (I woke up just in time for the #Fitblog chat) and just went to bed after that. That is very unusual for me and I knew it was a result of the massage and all the build-up that my body was getting rid of. This morning I felt as though I had a rough workout yesterday and am a little sore – but it is a good sore and I know now how much I needed the massage.

Deep massage isn’t what everyone enjoys, but I have found that it does help me recover better and helps my body heal faster. Now if I could hit the lottery and have it done weekly, all would be wonderful in my running world ;-).

The reality is

that my plan is finish up the last 3 days of rest and to start running again at the Central Maine Striders’ Group run on Sunday morning.

But you want to know something, this next 3 days is going to be tough to not run! I am feeling really great and want to get out there, but I also want a full 10 days of not running to give my body the time it needs heal the minor aches and pains that have been around for the last couple of months, especially my hamstrings.

I also know that I am going to have to start working on strengthening my hamstrings and hips, so the back of the garage will get to see more of me, along with the thera-bands in my dresser drawer.

  • How long are your typical training cycles?
  • How many days off do you usually take at the end of the cycle or after a big race?
  • How hard is it to not run, when you start feeling good again, but your self-imposed planned days off streak is not over ?

What Are You Wearing This Winter

Last year – I did a post on what to wear for winter running and have decided to update it for this year, since we are coming around to that wonderful time of year.

So what do you wear for winter running?

Up in my neck of the woods (Central Maine), usually running around “heah” in shorts, a cotton t-shirt and regular road running shoes, from late fall through the first part of spring , could be hazardous to your health.

There are serious things to consider when running in the winter that is not a problem other times of year:

  • Hypothermia
  • Slipping and sliding
  • Ice and snow
  • Frostbite

Disclaimer: This post is about my opinions about what I wear and what works for me, when running outside during the winter. What you choose to wear or when and where you decide to run are your choices and may be very different from the one’s that I discuss here. The bottom line is that you have to make your own decisions on what you wear or when you run.


I have used regular running shoes during winter runs and landed on my butt far too often, which hurts both your ass and your ego among other things, especially when you look around to see if anyone saw you fall.

Look at the treads on the bottom the shoes you have now, how do you think they would handle snow, slush, wet roads or muddy conditions? Think about it and it might save you from landing on your butt, with people around you applauding your acrobatic skills.

In regions where there is snow, slush, mud or even wet conditions, I strongly believe that you need a running shoe with a great tread. Most running shoe manufacturers make trail running shoes  I have had good luck running in them when it is nasty out. You never know what kind of weather you will run into during the winter and for me they do the trick.

In icy conditions, I don’t like to run and have cut many runs short, when it got too icy. You can try things that attach to your shoes or screws, but in my opinion running when it is icy is asking for problems.

If it there is a lot of snow on the ground where you are running, you can also add in a small set of gaiters to help keep the snow/wet out of shoes. Dry feet are happier feet, but I pretty much expect my feet to get wet when running in the snow and rain.


Like I said you can pretty much plan on your feet getting wet, during snow, rain or slushy conditions. In the winter and you need something that is going to keep your feet warm even when wet. I like to use a synthetic sock or merino wool-blend sock in the winter time – definitely no cotton. Personally once it gets colder, I use Merino Wool Hiking Boot Socks, yes they are a little thicker than your regular running socks, so your foot might be a little snugger in your shoe, but they do keep my feet warm in most conditions.

When buying shoes that I am going to run in the Winter time, I take the socks I am going to wear and try the shoes on with them on, so that the shoes fit correctly and are not too tight or if I am going to wear gaiters very often with them, I bring the gaiters with me also. I want to know that my shoes will fit correctly and the equipment all works well together.

I don’t know about you, but if my feet are cold, it is no fun running.

Below the Waist

After a while you just shouldn’t wear shorts, your legs will thank you and in my opinion you will be injured less. Good old-fashioned lined wind pants are not sexy (as long as the liner is not cotton), flap in the breeze, but they work well to keep you warm. However, I prefer to wear synthetic running skin tights or looser fitting winter running pants that have a layer of windstopper material (my personal preference), they just feel more comfortable when I am running. You just have to think about how cold it will be outside and not how much of a fashion plate you need to be while running.

But if you are like me and chafe your inner thighs too easily, you either have to grease up between those babies (vaseline, body glide, etc.),

If you need an emergency windstopper panel or if you don’t want a line in your running tights – baggies do a great job protecting things – you know what I mean guys.

Upper Body

Dress in layers using synthetic materials. Personally I like a skin-tight synthetic base layer  – hey no one can see the unsightly bulges of fat underneath the other layers. I want to make sure that this bottom layer wicks away moisture to the next layer. Over that I like another synthetic or wool blend, only this time a long sleeve version if it is cold enough. Finally, dependent upon how cold it is I add a synthetic fleece vest and/or a windproof shell.


There is a lot of personal choice here and a lot of people just run with what they have on hand for light-weight winter hats.

Most of the time I run with a head band to cover my ears, with my Hi-Vis ball cap (see the picture at the top of the post). If it is extra cold, like below 10F, I have a neoprene face mask that I wear (that I have had and used for years), but it tends to fog up my glasses, so it is a catch-22 sometimes.

Wearing a ball cap/head band combo also makes it easier to vent excess heat quickly if you begin to overheat – just stuff the ball cap in your pants (the hat will wash). That way your ears still stay warm, and when you start to cool down you can put the hat back on. I plan to shower after running, so it doesn’t really matter ;-).


I usually have a pair of fleece gloves (liners) to run in and when it gets colder, a mitten shell to go over the top of the gloves. I guess you could just wear the mitten shell and add the gloves when it gets colder, but for me the other way works fine. If my fingers get cold while wearing the gloves, I take my fingers out of the finger holes and curl them up in the palm area.

If it is really cold, I just wear my ski mittens and a liner, they haven’t gotten cold resorting to this.


This is not something to take lightly, when running you need to be seen by those driving in motor vehicles (you know – cars, trucks, buses, semis and around here dump trucks), especially since days are a lot shorter and it is dark when many of us run.

WEAR REFLECTIVE GEAR and a have a light. yes I yelled – but it is a safety issue for you and the drivers.

I also drive a 4WD truck or small SUV when I am not running.  When I come up suddenly on runners wearing their favorite black or dark-colored clothes, without reflective gear at dusk or dark:

  • First I get pissed because they startled me. I probably almost hit them and in my efforts to avoid them almost got into some kind of accident.
  • Second, the runners are probably not too happy either, because a good sized truck or SUV just put them into the snow bank, ditch or came too close for comfort.
  • Finally, I feel sorry for their next of kin, because sooner or later they are going to either be killed or maimed for their stupidity.

I hate reading about runners being hit because the driver couldn’t see them or about a vehicle going off the road to avoid a runner they couldn’t see until the last-minute. Wear the brightest and most visible (reflective) clothing you can find if you run when visibility is not good. Cars win.

Take the time to ensure that you can be seen by drivers in the dark and that you have a light with you so you can see hazards in the road.


One of the biggest problems I have with running in the cold weather is that I wear glasses and they fog up or like the picture (even when wearing a hat) they get all spotted from rain or snow. Then you can’t see a damn thing.

I haven’t found any of the anti-fogging stuff that actually works for me and I no longer wear contacts, which means my ability to see is compromised sucks in bad weather.

So a ball cap of some type is standard for just about all of my running, year round. The hat helps keep rain, snow off them and combats bright sunlight when I forget my sunglass clips.

And no going without glasses is not a real good choice, I enjoy seeing what is going to hit me. Yes I am blind as a bat without my glasses.


I tend to overdress more often than not. I prefer to be a little too warm than not warm enough, especially when starting out. If I get too warm I can take something off and tie it around my waist. While if I don’t have an extra layer with me and I am cold, I have to just suffer through it, until I get home or cut the run short.


Those are my general ideas for how to dress while running outside during the Winter time. There are some lessons that I have learned the hard way (using baggies in front of the  privates, when it is really cold), good tread design for your shoes, (I have fallen and ended up like a pretzel more than once), and all the other experiences I have had while running in the winter, which enabled me to learn what works and more importantly what doesn’t for me.

If you decided that you want to enjoy the benefits of running during the most challenging time of the year (in my opinion), think about what you are wearing before you go outside. Stopping for that short look to see what you have on, before you step out the door, may make your run more enjoyable and help ensure that you come back safely and uninjured.

Again how you dress when running during the Winter is completely your choice, after all you are responsible for what you do when you step out that door, these are just things that I do.

Meeting Shalane Flanagan

I was going through my draft posts and found 2 Runner’s World posts that never got published! In the furor of the Runner’s World Festival, returning home, trying to catch-up with everything that I missed and then deciding to switch A Veteran Runnah to a self-hosted blog – I didn’t finish this post.

Bart Yasso called this Harold’s Harem ;-). Yeah right!

Last Friday morning around 11:30 or so along with about 25 other FitFluential Ambassadors, I got to meet a truly inspirational person – Shalane Flanagan – that’s right the Olympian!

Now I try to downplay it a lot when I get to meet someone who is well-known or famous, but meeting Shalane Flanagan was one of those things that was very special. I admit it, I was a little star-struck.  She was at the Runner’s World Half Festival with Nissan, and somehow  the Runner’s World Public Relations staff arranged for us to do a small group session with Shelane (yes we are on a first name, great friends forever – yeah right 🙂 dream on old guy).

Shalane is not the first famous person that I have had the pleasure to meet, but she is one of the humblest and most gracious ladies that I have met, who is a public figure. She sat and talked with us, not down to us and yes there is a big difference.

During the session she answered questions about her Olympic experiences, how it felt to lead the race for the time that she did and how she felt when Kara picked her up at the end (I watched the Olympic Marathon from start to finish and that moment when Kara helped Shalane back up, was one of those moments that is blazed into my memory and choked me up, when it happened), how she had given everything she had that day and the issues that she was having and how deep inside herself she had to go to finish the race.

Shalane discussed her background with us, how her parents made her do more sports than just running and that she used her experiences in swimming to help her relax, during heavy training cycles. She also talked about her issues with race day anxiety that were so bad that it negatively affected her in some of her races in her early career. Which was something that I could really relate to, after dealing with that issue for almost 25 years.

Oh one more thing, when I was on the podium getting my 2nd place age-group plaque, Shalane was on the stage. On my way back down, she stopped me and shook my hand and said “Congratulations Harold”.

Now I would like to imagine that she remembered this old guy, from that meeting on Friday, but with all the people that Shalane was around that day, it was very unlikely that she did, however, it was still VERY cool that Shalane took that moment to congratulate me and actually use my name. :-).

The reality is that Shalane probably heard the announcer say my name and some of the other Runner’s World staff who were more familiar with me, were up on the stage with us, say my name, but I can dream can’t I.

Overall, I would say that “meeting” Shalane Flanagan was one of the highlights of my Runner’s World Festival Weekend! For such an accomplished runner, she was humble, easy to talk with and very gracious to a bunch of strangers. I do want to say thank you to the Runner’s World Staff and the people at Nissan for making it possible for me to meet one Shalane Flanagan. Most of all I want to thank Shalane for being patient for all of the photos and autographs that she signed that morning.

It was also great seeing some of my favorite bloggers in person, during this session.

Michelle and Amanda


#RWHalf Friday Morning Presentations

I was going through my draft posts and found 2 Runner’s World posts that never got published! In the furor of the Runner’s World Festival, returning home, trying to catch-up with everything that I missed and deciding to switch A Veteran Runnah to a self-hosted blog – I didn’t finish this and my post on meeting Shelane Flanagan, which I will publish tomorrow.

Okay last Friday (10/19) after we got done with our Rainy Rave Run around Bethlehem, PA with Bart Yasso and Golden Harper, we were hungry, wet and more than a little chilled.


Yes it was raining that morning Smile.


Bart Yasso and the rest of us definitely needed the coffee and carbs that were laid out for breakfast, after that run


While we were eating breakfast Colleen from ICON Health and Fitness graciously offered us dry shirts and great looking jackets from Free Motion, which were definitely needed because it was chilly and damp inside of the exposition area, due to the wet and cold conditions outside. Thank you again Colleen.

Altra Zero Drop Footwear

Up first was Golden Harper from Altra Zero Drop Footwear (who were the primary Sponsors of the Runner’s World Festival), who gave the history behind how Altra started creating zero drop shoes and a little of where they were going in the future. Golden discussed the benefits of the Altra Zero Drop Shoes and how they have helped so many runners.

Then he provided a great overview of proper running techniques.


For some reason or other my camera did not capture the last section on Cadence, but he discussed that most runners needed to increase their cadence up to around 180 steps per minute, but that the cadence varied a bit for different runners, but it was a good number for guidance.


ICON Health and Fitness

Colleen Logan from ICON Health and Fitness then discussed who ICON was and gave a macro view how they fit into the health and fitness overall puzzle.


ICON Health & Fitness in the beautiful Cache Valley of northern Utah is one of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and marketers of fitness equipment with brands that include NordicTrack, ProForm, Weider, Reebok and Gold’s Gym.

Colleen also discussed the different treadmills and stationary bikes that were in the expo area and how they were connected to Google Maps/Street view, so you that you could virtually run or ride just about anywhere and whatever courses you using this combination.

One of the treadmills that they had there that I really loved was the i7.9 Incline Trainer. One of the features was that you could compete with other runners on the same course at the same time – to aid and motivate your training. This was something that was very, very cool.

Use the link to see what it can do. Although it is more for a gym or business, I would love to have that setup out in the back of my garage for those days when it is icy, cold and nasty outside during our Maine winters.

iFit App

Then we learned about iFit from Chase W. and it is an online Fitness Tracking program and so much more.

iFit® Technology puts your life in motion through interactive fitness training. No matter what your fitness goal is, iFit® will motivate you to accomplish the world. Get the ultimate fitness experience through workouts Powered by Google Maps™, personal fitness training programs and weekly competitions with friends and other iFit® members. iFit® connects you to a world that motivates you to accomplish your fitness goals.


I really liked how these products integrated together to provide you with a comprehensive workout and fitness tracking system, that looked both fun and would provide athletes with enough data to be able to track and improve their training.

iFit Image

The reality is that the morning presentations were very informative and the time available, went by way too fast.

I learned a lot about Altra Zero Drop Running, ICON Health and Fitness, the iFit Application and Free Motion apparel that I didn’t have any idea about before the presentation. The best part seems to be the integration of ICON’s product portfolio, so that they can build on the different product lines, but the sum of the whole is greater, than the individual lines would be.

I know that I look forward to seeing what comes next from ICON Health and Fitness and their subsidiaries.

FTC Disclaimer: As part of the Friday morning presentation I was provided a free media sample of Altra Instinct 1.5 running shoes, Free motion running jacket and technical t-shirt.

A Veteran Runnah is Now Self-Hosted

I did it! This weekend I decided to switch over A Veteran Runnah to a self-hosted blog.


I was very happy at, it did most everything that I wanted and I didn’t have to worry about the back-end management issues. However, the confusion and uncertainty over what constitutes a “Sponsored” post, due to’s recent change to their Terms of Service (TOS), was the tipping point.

To be perfectly blunt, I don’t want to take any chances that by reviewing a product that was provided as a free sample to review, that might suspend my blog. Maybe I am over-reacting, but this change in their TOS, based on the interpretation that I was being told, would limit certain opportunities that I might have in the future and that just wasn’t acceptable to me.

I had been thinking about doing this next year, but with the confusion about that issue, was the tipping point. So I contacted Ryan from WP SiteCare and set up for him to do the transfer this weekend. Based on what I have learned I decided to go with HostGator as the web host

The transfer is now complete, Ryan did a great job on the transfer and from what I have seen everything is up and running correctly. I like the new theme and hope that you will as well, now I have to go ahead do a few tweaks to get this theme set up the way that I actually want it.

However, I just ddn’t like the way my old header looks with this theme, so bear with me while I experiment with different ones over the next week.

I am pretty excited about this change and know that I have a lot of stuff to learn over the next month or so (no I can’t do it overnight), the ability to have my blog more reflect who I am versus a stock theme. So please be patient with me, as I learn some of the intricacies of managing a self-hosted blog.

The other thing I am not going to overload my sidebar or header with all kinds of distracting ads, a tasteful ad or two for products that I actually use and like, might eventually find their way here as affiliate links, but nothing overboard.

So the next adventure in my blogging adventure begins :-).

What words of advice for a newbie self-hosted blog owner. Are there any Plugins that I HAVE to have?

AVR – Week In Review 10-28-12

This is one of those weeks that are tough, I had to drive back from Bethlehem, PA and come down from my big Runner’s World weekend! Coming back to reality was tough, but I got through it. Just something about sleeping in your own bed, making breakfast, doing dishes and being back in your own routine that is a good thing.

I took Tuesday off and then ran on Wednesday – it was a mistake! My hammies told me all about it and I have decided to take up to 2 weeks off to let them and a couple of other aches and pains heal up.

I will let my body and hurricane Sandy determine how long I take as downtime. The only thing that it will bother is my ego as I have the lowest weekly running totals of the year, but my body needs the break. It has been a long training season and the rest is what I know that I need.

But I miss my runs!

This week I decided to change my blog over to be a self-hosted For more details read here.

 Week in Review

Running Summary This Week

This week in a word: Busy

Top 10 Posts

Here are my top ten posts for the past week based on page views:

Due to the transfer to self-hosting my Top 10 will not be done.

My Favorite post from the week: Central Maine Strider’s Group Run


I stayed between 143 and 145 for the first of the week and don’t have a clue for the rest of it, but not very worried about it. I just have to watch what I eat a little more while I am not running, but I am not too worried if I gain a few pounds over the next week.


No real injuries, but I have decided to take some time off since I am still experiencing some post-race discomfort and tiredness in my hamstrings, butt cheeks (periformis) and right hip.

Running Shoes

Mizuno Elixir 7

These were the shoes that I got free as media samples through my participation in the Mezamashii Project. They have 77.2 miles and here is my 50 mile review. No runs in them this week.

Mizuno Ronin

13.7 Miles. I wore them during the Runner’s World 5K on Saturday and had a this year PR and came in second in my age group, very impressed so far. Personal Purchase.

Altra Instinct 1.5

7.14 Miles. A treadmill and 4 miler, which were both very good, felt comfortable running them. I have been walking in them most of the the Runner’s World Festival. Promotional media sample from Runner’s World Festival.

Altra Instinct

165.7 miles. No runs in them this week. Personal Purchase.

Adidas Adizero Sonic 3

No runs in them this week, but I have used them as my primary walking shoe and they have done well. Personal Purchase.

Adidas Vigor TR

No trail runs in them this week. Personal Purchase.

Running Goals

I reviewed my 2012 running goals 2012 Mid-Year Goal Review and Update and updated them.

The reality is that

This has been a very busy week and coming back to reality of daily life was a bit of a let down after the Runner’s World Festival and the great experience that I had there and all the people that I was able to meet. I also know that I will be very glad to get back to my normal running schedule of 30 to 50 miles a week. This stuff of not running is killing me.

Central Maine Strider’s Group Run

At the last Central Maine Striders meeting, we decided to try to start-up having Group runs again.

This morning at 9:00 A.M. 5 intrepid runners showed-up at the Colby College lower Field house parking lot, to kick-off the Central Maine Striders group runs.

Patrick, Tom, Chris and Tracey – photo by Harold Shaw

Patrick, Tom, Chris and Tracey participated in the this year’s inaugural group run this morning, an 4 or so miles. Unfortunately, I chose not to run today and only be the photographer because my hammies are still barking at me too much.

It seemed that everyone had a good time and we stood around quite a while afterwards, just talking and gabbing, which is the part of running with others that I enjoy, that part where we get to know other runners better.

Although the turn-out was only 5, it is a start. I believe it shows that we are serious about reviving the Central Maine Strider’s Group runs again and that we are actually doing it.

We plan to do another group run next Sunday at 9:00 A.M., meeting in the same place the lower Colby Field House Parking Lot. The runs are open to runners of all levels or abilities. If you haven’t been running with others, this is a great low-key way to meet other runners, get in a workout and swap just a few lies, mmm stories.

I heard a few comments last week about some runners being concerned that you are too slow – don’t be, come and enjoy the camaraderie of other runners. There will be someone there to run with you and have fun gabbing and talking.

If you live in Central Maine and are a runner, I hope to see you there.

Put it on your calendar:

Who:  Central Maine Striders Group Run
When: 9:00 A.M. Sunday November 4, 2012
Where: Colby College  Lower Field house Parking Lot

Check out the Central Maine Strider’s Facebook page

Hopefully next week I will be able to do the run also, instead of just being the photographer :-).

Swiftwick Socks Review

Swiftwick Logo

I purposely don’t get overly excited about a product when I first see or use it whether I buy it or it comes as a media sample, because I have learned the hard way that how a product feels, looks and works when they are new are sometimes vastly different after a little bit of time goes by.

Perhaps with all the running gear that I have bought or tried over the years, I have become slightly jaded or skeptical, about manufacturer’s claims of greatness or maybe I just getting to be a crotchety old guy. Winking smile

Swiftwick_0681During the Runner’s World Half Festival, in the swag bag there were a pair of Swiftwick Aspire Socks, when I first saw them I thought to myself – just what I need another pair of socks and put them off to the side.

A little later I decided to take a closer look at them and went to the website and did a little looking around. What I saw intrigued me. I like products made in the USA (old-fashioned), a company that supports athletes and the claim that they would not stink – well if that was true, TheWife would appreciate that, because my feet and socks do STINK after running.

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Back to Running Again-Well Maybe 10/24/12

The Runner’s World Half Festival is over and the memories while great are just that memories. Now it is time to get back in my normal running routine again, so today, I went out to do an easy 5.0 mile run. Unfortunately, my hamstrings are not ready for running that far yet and I cut it a mile short.

The hammies were barking at me pretty good by the I got done running. Then this afternoon I rototilled the garden, probably didn’t help them, but it had to be done. I used The Stick to roll them out and that seemed to help a lot. I probably actually need to take a few days off and let them rest/heal up. See how they are tomorrow.

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#RWHalf Festival Final Reflection and Recap

runners-world-half-logoWow!!! is all I can say about the Runner’s World Half Festival and the amazing extended weekend that I had!!!!

I needed a day to recover, recuperate and take a little break from the immersion in running, blogging and driving down and back (9 hours each way). I have had a long drive back and a day to think about and reflect on what happened and the people that I met during the Festival

To be honest, the Runner’s World Half Festival was probably the highlight of my running career. From the people that I met (other FitFluential Ambassadors, Runner’s World Staff, Race Sponsors and other runners), to the races themselves and the support that the City of Bethlehem provided, everyone was simply amazing.

Here are my previous posts on the Festival:

While running in the Runner’s World Festival inaugural races and setting a this year PR in the 5K and running my first “official” half marathon were really cool, the most important and best part of the Festival were the people that I met!

I am trying to use photos, that I haven’t used before Smile. I only took over 1,000 photos during the event, so there are a few to choose from.

The people are what made this event so special!


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