Central Maine Striders – Resurrection

Central Maine Striders’ Facebook page

The Central Maine Striders have a long and great tradition of being a big part of the running community in Central Maine, but the same as many other organizations and clubs in today’s world, membership and interest levels have waned and it has fallen on difficult times.

Last night I attended my first Central Maine Striders Running Club meeting, which was the first one that they have had since I became a member in February. While the club still is active and does a few races, it has become in the words of one long-time club member a Newsletter club, instead of the vibrant running club it once was.

This is really unfortunate and not the reason that I wanted to join. I joined because I wanted to meet other runners, develop friendships that go beyond running and give back to the local running community.

During the meeting we discussed ideas and strategies to resurrect the club and bring it back to being more than a Newsletter club. I enjoyed listening to the long-time club members talk about how it used to be and thought about how great it would be for it to be that way again. It will take a lot of work, to be sure, but I believe that it is something that would be so great for the Central Maine Running Community.

We decided that the first step would be to start group runs again and use the new Central Maine Striders’ Facebook page, to help Central Maine Runners connect with one another!

Our first Group run is scheduled for:

  • DATE: Sunday, October 28th

  • Time: 9:00 A.M.

  • Where: Colby’s Lower Parking Lot

  • Distance/Pace: TBD

We will figure the routes and paces that morning. Personally, I really hope that this group run idea is successful, that other runners from Central Maine start to show up and have some fun running with other local runners. We plan to keep up this group run schedule for the foreseeable future.

Do you have any ideas or other days that would be more convenient or better for running a group run? Please let us know or comment below.

Also do you have any memories or great stories about the Central Maine Striders that you would like to share. Eventually, we  are looking at setting up a Central Maine Striders’ blog and website and would love to include positive or funny stories about the club there.

I would love to meet some new runners or some veteran runnahs on Sunday to re-start the Central Maine Striders’ Group run :-).

See you Sunday Morning!!!

8 thoughts on “Central Maine Striders – Resurrection

  1. Love the Dylan Thomas quote.
    Our running club in Melrose, MA has two weekly runs. On Tuesday night we do a club run where people can run a few miles or up to 7 miles or so. some go further. The key is that with the variety of paces and mileage, everyone finds someone to run with.
    Leading up to Boston and the Baystate Marathon we have a 15 week series of Sunday long runs. These weekly events brings us together as a club and as individuals we develop friendships and learn from each other.
    We also participate in the Lake Winnie relay and the Mill Cities Relay. These events help groups of people get to know each other very well and are a lot of fun.
    We also throw several parties each year. 😉
    Here is our web site if you want to see more info on what we do.

    A friend of mine said joining a running club was the best thing he ever did for his running.

  2. I’ll repost and try to show up with some buds. There’s a race the day before at Colby so might be hard to get them out.

  3. My running club has “hosted” runs, wherein a member volunteers his/her house as the start/end point of a group run (typically 3-5 miles long), and then hosts either a bbq (summer) or breakfast (winter). Summer hosted runs are done 1x month on the 3rd thursday evening (May through Sept) and winter runs are on every weekend (either saturday or sunday, hosts’ choice) in the morning (8am start). The food is not elaborate. These are nice because of the social aspect afterwards.

    1. These kinds of ideas are what I would like to get to someday, but for now just working on starting over. but thank you for the idea and hopefully we can get to do something like that someday. 🙂

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