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#RWHalf Friday Morning Presentations

I was going through my draft posts and found 2 Runner’s World posts that never got published! In the furor of the Runner’s World Festival, returning home, trying to catch-up with everything that I missed and deciding to switch A Veteran Runnah to a self-hosted blog – I didn’t finish this and my post on meeting Shelane Flanagan, which I will publish tomorrow.

Okay last Friday (10/19) after we got done with our Rainy Rave Run around Bethlehem, PA with Bart Yasso and Golden Harper, we were hungry, wet and more than a little chilled.


Yes it was raining that morning Smile.


Bart Yasso and the rest of us definitely needed the coffee and carbs that were laid out for breakfast, after that run


While we were eating breakfast Colleen from ICON Health and Fitness graciously offered us dry shirts and great looking jackets from Free Motion, which were definitely needed because it was chilly and damp inside of the exposition area, due to the wet and cold conditions outside. Thank you again Colleen.

Altra Zero Drop Footwear

Up first was Golden Harper from Altra Zero Drop Footwear (who were the primary Sponsors of the Runner’s World Festival), who gave the history behind how Altra started creating zero drop shoes and a little of where they were going in the future. Golden discussed the benefits of the Altra Zero Drop Shoes and how they have helped so many runners.

Then he provided a great overview of proper running techniques.


For some reason or other my camera did not capture the last section on Cadence, but he discussed that most runners needed to increase their cadence up to around 180 steps per minute, but that the cadence varied a bit for different runners, but it was a good number for guidance.


ICON Health and Fitness

Colleen Logan from ICON Health and Fitness then discussed who ICON was and gave a macro view how they fit into the health and fitness overall puzzle.


ICON Health & Fitness in the beautiful Cache Valley of northern Utah is one of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and marketers of fitness equipment with brands that include NordicTrack, ProForm, Weider, Reebok and Gold’s Gym.

Colleen also discussed the different treadmills and stationary bikes that were in the expo area and how they were connected to Google Maps/Street view, so you that you could virtually run or ride just about anywhere and whatever courses you using this combination.

One of the treadmills that they had there that I really loved was the i7.9 Incline Trainer. One of the features was that you could compete with other runners on the same course at the same time – to aid and motivate your training. This was something that was very, very cool.

Use the link to see what it can do. Although it is more for a gym or business, I would love to have that setup out in the back of my garage for those days when it is icy, cold and nasty outside during our Maine winters.

iFit App

Then we learned about iFit from Chase W. and it is an online Fitness Tracking program and so much more.

iFit® Technology puts your life in motion through interactive fitness training. No matter what your fitness goal is, iFit® will motivate you to accomplish the world. Get the ultimate fitness experience through workouts Powered by Google Maps™, personal fitness training programs and weekly competitions with friends and other iFit® members. iFit® connects you to a world that motivates you to accomplish your fitness goals.


I really liked how these products integrated together to provide you with a comprehensive workout and fitness tracking system, that looked both fun and would provide athletes with enough data to be able to track and improve their training.

iFit Image

The reality is that the morning presentations were very informative and the time available, went by way too fast.

I learned a lot about Altra Zero Drop Running, ICON Health and Fitness, the iFit Application and Free Motion apparel that I didn’t have any idea about before the presentation. The best part seems to be the integration of ICON’s product portfolio, so that they can build on the different product lines, but the sum of the whole is greater, than the individual lines would be.

I know that I look forward to seeing what comes next from ICON Health and Fitness and their subsidiaries.

FTC Disclaimer: As part of the Friday morning presentation I was provided a free media sample of Altra Instinct 1.5 running shoes, Free motion running jacket and technical t-shirt.

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