Yes I Have Been Running – 12/26/12

Harold 12-26-12

Christmas is over, the presents are all unwrapped and given or received, the food is mostly gone, just a few leftovers and some sweet things are left. In other words, Christmas 2012 is now mostly a memory.

What cool things did you receive to help you run better? Anything really great?

I got a Garmin Forerunner 10 and so far have been learning how to setup it up so it works the way that I want it to and so far I am pretty impressed with how simple it is to operate. I got a few other things and will be providing reviews over the course of the next few weeks, as I get a chance to use them.

The best part was that over the past three days, I have gotten to see my father, talk with my girls on the phone, see pictures of the grandkids, had a great Christmas Day, enjoyed the company that has visited, so I have been very lucky to have had a GREAT Christmas.

Fortunately, I got to run both on Christmas Day and today, I just haven’t had much of a chance to actually write posts on the runs until now. I am just going to do my Garmin Stats and a quick summary of how my runs went.


Garmin Stats 12-25-12

It was a faster run that I expected, especially for going out only a couple of hours after Christmas Dinner. It must have been all those extra carbs from the slab (instead of a piece) of Coconut Cream Cake and other sweets that I ate way too much of. Overall it was a good run, even though it ended in the dark. I did get to try out my new running jacket and found out it will be a very warm and wind resistant jacket.


Garmin Stats 12-26-12

Tomorrow we are supposed to get 10-15 inches of snow, so I figured that I better get a good run in today, while I could. It was 26 degrees when I started, with a 10 mph wind out of the North. I wore my new jacket again today and found it very comfortable, though just a little noisy. Kind of swishy, swishy noise.

I purposely tried to just run easier than I have for a while today. I focused on running a little longer, but slower and I felt comfortable the whole way, without pushing at any time. I was even able to go through down-back, because there was enough road dust and dirt on top of the ice, so that it wasn’t very slippery, except for a couple of spots.

RunLog 12-26-12