5.0 Miles of Cold Weather Running 1/2/13

WeatherBug Screen Shot 1-3-13

Today’s run was a damn cold run!

I even did something that I haven’t done for a long time – I got out the face mask and wore my walking hat instead of earmuffs and ballcap to help stay warm.

I was really glad that I had done that! Officially it was 16ºF with 14 mph winds out of the WNW, which put the windchill down around 1ºF. Any way you look at it that is cold and the winds out there when I was running, were gusting over the 20 mph mark – so yes it was cold.

Coldweather running 1-3-13

Does that mean that I was cold during the run – no not really. I dressed about as perfectly as I could for this run. I worked up a good sweat had to change my shirts as soon as I got home, so I wouldn’t get overly chilled.

I can’t say enough good things about my new Frank Shorter Running Jacket, that my wife got me for Christmas. It definitely worked great today in helping to keep me warm in bone-chilling conditions. It has quickly turned into my favorite running jacket.

Overall, it was a very comfortable run and as long as I stayed above a 8:30 pace, my hamstrings were fine, when I would try to pick up the pace a little, I could feel them a little – nothing serious, but enough to remind me to slow back down.

Running in this weather is tougher, just because of the amount of clothing that you have to wear to stay warmer. Another thing is when I wear my face mask, I can’t wear my glasses (they fog up), so that means my vision is not as clear and with the white ice conditions down-back, I definitely go slower.

Downback Looking at Stevens Hill 1-3-13

However, today’s run was not about going fast it was more about doing the work and getting used to a slightly different running shoe – the Brooks PureFlow.

Garmin Stats Screenshot Gear

Garmin Stats 1-3-13

*Shoes: Brooks PureFlow at first right pinky toe felt a little cramped, but sorted itself out as I got into the run. I plan to run a slower – non tempo run on the treadmill tomorrow with them, just to see how they feel on the mill.

Socks: Swiftwick Pursuits – my feet didn’t get cold at all during the run!

*Top: White Brooks L/S, Blue Hind Zipper L/S Tech Shirt

*Bottom: Navy Blue New Balance lined wind pants, Nike Pro Compression shorts

*Outerwear: Frank Shorter Running Jacket, Columbia Mitten shell (a little cold – would have been nice to have a pair of liners too), Timberland Winter Hat.

RunLog Screenshot

RunLog 1-3-13

What have I been eating?

Last Night’s Supper: Stuffing, Mashed Potato, Gravy, Peas, Homemade Cranberry sauce, Homemade Yeast rolls, Homemade Grape Juice (no it is not wine)

Supper 1-2-13

Breakfast: Black Coffee, 1/3 Cup Oatmeal, 1/3 Cup Blueberries, Flax Seeds, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, medium banana, garlic clove, Mandarin Orange

Breakfast 1-3-13

Vitamins: Simply Right Mature Men MultiVitamin, Simply Right Glucosamine HCI 1500 mg, Swanson High potency Dry Vitamin D-3 – 1,000 iu, Swanson Turmeric 720 mg, Swanson Bee Propolis 550 mg

Lunch: Leftover Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, peas, Apple, Green Tea, 1/2 bottle of Ginger Kombucha

Lunch 1-3-13

You notice that the Chromebook is only on the table at breakfast. Lunch and Dinner means that most of the time it is not on the table  and gives me a break from being online (something new for this year in my efforts to control my social media and computer time)

My 10 Favorite Posts From 2012

My path less travelled

One last look at 2012 and my favorite photo. I think that this photo really says how my year has gone and that I did choose the path less traveled.

Every year I like to look back at the different posts that I have written over the year and pick out the ones that I like the best. These might not have the most page views or comments, but are the ones that mean the most to me.

My 10 favorite posts from 2012

  1. The Real Me Please Stand Back Up
  2. Running to Run Isn’t Enough Anymore
  3. Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners
  4. Stay Connected to Running-Even When Injured
  5. Running Injuries – Go Slow Grasshopper
  6. What is Good Running Form?
  7. Confessions of a Middle of the Pack Runner
  8. “Do not go Gentle into that Good Night”
  9. On Turning 55
  10. Sorry Runners–Vehicles Win

and every year I go through and update:

  • My Bucket List

Now for your top 10 posts from A Veteran Runnah based on page views:

  1. Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions
  2. Nike Free 4.0 v2 – After 50 Miles
  3. Newton Gravity–After 50 Miles
  4. My Transition Plan to Minimalist Running Shoes
  5. First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12
  6. Tommie Copper – Is Working
  7. Newton Gravitas – Initial Impressions
  8. The New Nike+ Website is Up
  9. My iPhone Running App
  10. Narrowed the Choices Down to 5 Running Shoes

Looking at the differences in the two lists, I would have to say that readers are more interested in my review of products (primarily running shoes) and less interested in the more philosophical posts that I like.

Does this mean that I am going to change things up all that much – no. I plan to continue to write about my daily running, reviews on products that I buy or get as samples and yes some of those more philosophical posts.

I do have to admit, while I was doing the research for this post, it was a lot of fun to go back and re-read many of the posts that I wrote last year. It was interesting to see how my writing changed as different things were happening both in running and my life outside of running.

Here is to many more posts being written in 2013 and it will be interesting to see how these two lists compare to one another in another year.