Trying Is Not Enough

Trying is not enough.

In my opinion only trying, all too often leads to failure.

I hear the below words all too often and hell I even have used them myself.

  • “I’m trying.”
  • “Well at least I tried.”
  • “I tried and didn’t like it.”
  • “I am trying and it isn’t working!”
  • and so many other similar phrases that all use the word try.

It really doesn’t matter if you are talking about running, weight loss, eating better, making you relationships better, finding your niche in life, when you put “trying” or “try” in front of things that you want or need to accomplish, how often do you?

I believe that when we only “try” to do something we are setting ourselves up to fail.

When you are only trying to do something, you are giving yourself permission to fail if things become too difficult for you. After all you tried – didn’t you?

All to often do you go in with idea that simply trying was/is enough? I wonder if you had done more than try, could you have succeeded? Only you will know the answer to that question.

Get “try” out of your vocabulary, instead of using that negative word (because in my mind it simply trying is a negative) start using:

  • I will
  • I can
  • Let’s do it
  • and all the other similar ones

Yes those positive statements that many of us subconsciously avoid, that signify that you are going to do something, instead of only try to do it. You know those powerful words that show real commitment on your part to accomplish what you set out to do.

“There is no try – only do.” Yoda.

In other words: The power of doing, versus the act of trying.

Think about it – are you sabotaging your efforts by only trying?

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