Flu Relapse Sucks – 1-8-13

I had a really good day, running yesterday afternoon, 3.07 miles in 23:19, plus a 3.0 mile snowmobile trail walk in the morning. I was feeling pretty good and had made plans to run with another runner this morning.

Then about 4:30 PM the dreaded second part of this year’s flu bug hit me like a ton of bricks! It seems that this cold/flu bug has 2 parts, the first part where you cough your lungs out/feel like crap and the second part about a week later where all of sudden your headaches, stomach hurts, hot/cold and can’t stay awake, along with that damn persistent cough that never seems to completely go away. I couldn’t focus enough to write this post and was asleep in my chair by 7:30 and in bed by 8:30.

This morning, while I am feeling better, I still feel pretty nasty, so I have a feeling it will be smarter to actually take the day off instead of pushing things. Which really sucks because I was looking forward to running with David this morning. Oh well, guess I gotta call him let him know I will be a no-show.

Garmin Stats 1-8-13

RunLog 1-8-13

There now to go sit on the easy chair cuddled up with Bennie and take a nap.